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How to Update Posts with Gravity Forms

Populate and update WordPress posts with Gravity Forms’ entries.

How to Create WooCommerce Products with Gravity Forms

Easily create new WooCommerce Products with Gravity Forms entries so users can submit new products on the front end.

Include Post Permalink in Gravity Forms Confirmation or Notification

There are two methods for generating a link to a post created by Gravity Forms. Both methods are intended for use in Gravity Forms’ confirmations …

Create Dynamic Post Excerpts with Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms provides an awesome option to create a “Content Template” for the Post Title and Post Body fields; however, the lowly Post Excerpt feel …

Schedule a Post by Date Field with Gravity Forms

Schedule your Gravity Forms generated posts to be published at a future date. The scheduled date can be specified manually in the code or by the submitting user via Gravity Form Date and Time fields.

Set Registered User as Post Author

Here’s a little story and a little tip. I was recently speaking with a friend (yes, wizards do have friends) and he was sharing some …

Notify Author When Post is Published

This snippet is almost identical to the snippet. The key difference is this will send a notification to post author rather than an email stored …

Use Gravity Forms to Create User-Submitted Posts

A guide to using Gravity Forms “Post Fields” to create a form which generates a WordPress post when it is submitted.