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Gravity Forms Email Validation: Check Emails Live Prior to Submission

Use this guide to learn how to validate a Gravity Forms Email field live before needing to click submit.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 125

All treats, no tricks: Populate List fields dynamically with Populate Anything, custom file icons in File Upload Pro, and how cowboys use Gravity Perks.

Show Login Link for Existing Users with Gravity Forms User Registration

Automatically show a login link when a user attempts to register with an existing email.

How to Do Calculations with Gravity Forms

If you’re using Gravity Forms on your WordPress website, you might need an easy way to do Gravity Forms calculations on form fields and user submissions.

Register Multiple Users From a Single Form

Register multiple users to your WordPress site with a single form submission.

Customizing the User Activation Email for Gravity Forms

Easily create your own custom user activation emails powered by Gravity Forms notifications.

Redirect to Referrer URL after Gravity Form Submission

Capture the URL from which the user just arrived then redirect them back to that URL on form submission.

Allow Site Creation to be Conditional with User Registration Add-on

The problem: You want to register users and allow them to optionally specify if they would like to create a site with their registration as …

Set Registered User as Post Author

Here’s a little story and a little tip. I was recently speaking with a friend (yes, wizards do have friends) and he was sharing some …

Notify Author When Post is Published

This snippet is almost identical to the snippet. The key difference is this will send a notification to post author rather than an email stored …