Gravity Perks Weekly Updates #10

Welcome to March! We made some very helpful updates to GP Unique ID and as always, a magic ton (similar to a metric ton) of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Gravity Forms Unique ID now supports merge tags in the Prefix and Suffix settings as well as the ability to wait until a PayPal Standard payment has been received before generating an ID (via a filter).

Replace Post Content Merge Tags as you Progress Through Form — Here’s a simple little snippet that will automatically replace merge tags within your post content (via Gravity Forms Post Content Merge Tags) as you progress through the form.

Here’s a full list of updates we made to Gravity Perks this week:

Gravity Forms Media Library (v1.0.6)

  • Fixed issue w/ 3rd party integrations where GPML failed to correctly locate the existing attachment when the attachment URL did not match the guid.
  • Fixed fatal error that occurred w/ WC GF Product Add-ons (surprise!).

Gravity Forms Post Content Merge Tags (v1.0.beta1.5)

  • Fixed error introduced by WordPress 4.7.2 where merge tag selector failed to insert merge tag.

Gravity Forms Unique ID (v1.3.1)

  • Added new filter for specifying a custom wait-for-payment feed; ‘gpui_wait_for_payment_feed’.
  • Added support for merge tags in Prefix and Suffix settings.
  • Added support for waiting until PayPal Standard payment has been received (via gpui_wait_for_payment filter).
  • Updated field class to use the GF_Field class for better integration with Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms Copy Cat (v1.4.14)

  • Fixed issue in gwCopyCat class where assignment issue result in errors.

Gravity Forms Post Content Merge Tags (v1.0.beta1.4)

  • Fixed error in FireFox which prevented merge tag selector from loading in Post Edit view.
  • Updated merge tag selector to truncate field labels to 40 characters.

Gravity Forms Limit Checkboxes (v1.2.beta2.7)

  • Fixed issue where checkboxes checked by default were not counted towards limits on frontend.

Gravity Forms Read Only (v1.2.14)

  • Updated hidden captures to only save to $_POST if checkbox is checked (a.k.a. has a value).

Gravity Forms Terms of Service (v1.3.5)

  • Fixed issue where the “:include_terms” modifier was not working after conversion to GF_Field class.

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