Gravity Wiz Weekly #114

Easy Passthrough powered up, inventory management coming soon, and a light spell for dark nights.

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards!

We’re having a whizbang of a summer with another hex-free haul of wonderful Gravity Wiz updates. 

Easy Passthrough Powerup

Easy Passthrough is wands down, the easiest way to pass your user’s data from one form to another. Any data you capture in Form A can be populated into Form B, C, D, etc. This makes subsequent forms easier to complete, and easy forms mean more conversions.

While you can map any simple field to any other simple field, complex fields can only be mapped to fields of the same type and format. This week, we updated Easy Passthrough to support mapping Date fields on one form to Date fields of a different format on another. This means you can have a Datepicker on Form A and populate that date into a Date Drop Down field on Form B.

Inventory Management for Gravity Forms

We have a few options for inventory management with Gravity Forms. For choices, our Limit Choices perk allows you to set a limit for each choice which caps how many times that choice can be selected. For Product, Quantity, and Number fields, we offer the Better Inventory snippet.

These resources have been around for years and we’ve written tons of snippets to enhance them but being the dreamer wizards we are, we always imagined them being a single product with an even more comprehensive feature set.

I’m tremendously excited to say, powered by the magic of hard work, we’re nearing completion of the first beta of Gravity Forms Inventory! Stay tuned. πŸ˜‰

Alright, wizards. Until next week. πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ


Edit Gravity Forms Entries on the Front End β€” It’s never been easier to edit your Gravity Forms entries on the frontend. This week we integrated this snippet with Limit Submissions so users can bypass its limits to edit their own entries.

Creating Coupons for WooCommerce with Gravity Forms β€” Offering a coupon in exchange for a submission seems like a fair deal, right? Learn how to do this with our comprehensive snippet! This week we fixed an issue where the timezone wasn’t accounted for when creating a scheduled coupon.

Random Fields with Gravity Forms β€” We’ve talked before about using the power of randomization to reduce ordering bias… we even have a perk that does this for field choices! Apply that same concept to field ordering with this sorcerous snippet.

Gravity Perks

Gravity Perks (v2.2.6)

  • Updated field setting group label styles.
  • Fixed a potential issue where some perks may display settings in the wrong tab.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.45)

  • Fixed a regression where GPCC would not copy values to hidden fields.

GP Easy Passthrough (v1.9.5)

  • Added gpep_delete_cookie_on_logout to enable deleting GPEP cookie when users logout.
  • Improved support for passing dates between Date fields with different input types.
  • Updated source form order to use title instead of ID.
  • Fixed issue where trashed entries’ token can be used.

GP File Upload Pro (v1.0.5)

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Gravity PDF when uploading PDF files using GPFUP.

GP Page Transitions (v1.0-beta-1.20) Early Access

  • Fixed an issue where hidden next/previous button break auto-progression functionality when transitions are disabled.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with GPNF.

GP Populate Anything (v1.0.7)

  • Added gppa_run_pre_render_in_ajax PHP filter.
  • Updated AJAX request to send request data as JSON to prevent issues with Merge Tag modifiers from interfering with the form data format.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags in attributes such as href wouldn’t update in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with gppa_live_merge_tag_value filter not using the correct $field_id parameter if merge tag modifiers are used.
  • Fixed issue where selected choices of dynamically populated fields could be lost when navigating between form pages.
  • Fixed issue where certain calculations would not work with Populate Anything if formula fields came after the field being calculated.

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