Gravity Wiz Weekly #152

Shorthand variables with GP Advanced Calculations, GP Inventory gets conditional logic, and a handful of fresh Gravity Forms snippets.

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards! 

We’re skipping our newsletter next week (there’s a big American holiday 🇺🇸) so we’ve packed this week’s edition with some real fireworks! 🎇🎆

Oh, and don’t miss the introduction of our new “Question of the Week” feature where we’ll ask a simple multiple-choice question to help us get to know you better. Annnd we’ll be sharing the results each week so you can get to know your fellow Gravity Forms wizards better, too.  🤗

Let’s go!

Feature Highlight: Shorthand Variables with Advanced Calculations

Crafting calculations with bulky merge tags is so last year. 

Yes, including field values in your formulas is incredibly powerful but each merge tag has to be manually selected and if you’re including more than a few, it quickly becomes unreadable.

Welcome to the future, friend! Advanced Calculations provides a handy shorthand that makes your formulas faster to write and easier to read. Check out the difference shorthand variables make in this fancy equation. You can actually follow the math!

gravity forms advanced calculations shorthand variables

This week, we fixed some shorthand variable bugs so you can keep your calculations short and sweet. See the change log below for all the details.

GP Inventory Gets Conditional Logic

GP Inventory has been getting a bit of love recently. Beta 3 dropped last week and this week we’re surprising you with another brand new feature – conditional logic based on your available inventory!

What does this mean for you? Good things! 

Custom Messages – Display custom messages (via HTML fields) depending on inventory levels (e.g. “Buy now! We’re almost out.”).

Conditional Discounts – Apply a discount for the first x number of items sold. Once the inventory falls below a certain threshold, the discount disappears. 

Unlock Products – Require all seats in the Green Room to be booked before you start selling seats in the Purple Room.

What clever tricks do you have up your sleeves for inventory-based conditional logic?

Question of The Week: How interested would you be in a live Gravity Perks Q&A session?

We’ve been thinking of providing live Q&A sessions for our users. You get to come ask us any question that comes to mind about Gravity Forms, Gravity Perks, snippets, or anything else — including, who our favorite real-life wizards are. 🧙‍♀️

Would you be interested? Just click a response below to cast your vote and see the results. 

Spotlight: Building a Loan Calculator with GP Advanced Calculations

building a loan calculator with advanced calculations

Advanced Calculations is a relatively new perk with a world of potential. That’s why we’re positively giddy when we see a new, related use case pop up in our inbox.

First up, for GPAC’s use case debut, we’re excited to share James Roberts’ sorcerous auto-loan calculator.

James Roberts is a web developer for, and was able to swoop in and save a client’s day using our personal number cruncher.

“The build was for an Upwork client who had already had another freelancer try and use another plugin which was specifically made for the purpose – it was clunky and slow.

The Gravity Wiz plugin was intuitive, the calculation code given by your support team worked perfectly and was easy to modify. The form itself was a [Gravity Form] so it was familiar and easy to style up.

Ten out of ten, team!”


Populate Dates as Choices — We recently wrote this fun snippet for a Pro customer.  He wanted to charge a rush fee depending on how soon they needed his product. We wrote a snippet that populates the next 14 business days as choices in a Product Drop Down field. With the power of the Fibonacci sequence, each day is a little cheaper than the previous day.

GP Unique ID | Require Unique ID on Edit — Administrators are god-like entities that rule their WordPress domain with unlimited power… but sometimes even administrators make mistakes. If you want to prevent yourself, other admins, or any user with entry editing permissions from manually duplicating a unique ID, this snippet-plugin will ignore duplicate IDs and display a warning.

Automatic Save & Continue Meets Nested Forms — And they fall in love! We added a filter to Nested Forms this week that enabled us to add support for populating Nested Forms fields via Auto Save & Continue. Auto Save & Continue improves the UX of your beefiest multi-page forms by allowing users to pick up right where they left off automatically. Your users will fall in love, too.

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Gravity Perks

GP Advanced Calculations (v1.0.3)

  • Fixed issue where shorthand variables would stop working if Populate Anything refreshed any fields used in the formula.
  • Fixed issue where shorthand variables could incorrectly replaced by partial matches. As an example, F43 could be replaced with the value of F4 if it was processed first.

GP Entry Blocks (v1.0-alpha-1.12)

  • Fixed issue where the Entries Limit setting would revert to the default after reloading the Block Editor.

GP Inventory (1.0-beta-3.1)

  • Added support for running conditional logic on the available inventory of a field.
  • Fixed an issue where updating a scope of a pricing field wouldn’t always recalculate the total which could also cause option labels to not show the price difference in the label.

GP Nested Forms (v1.0.25)

  • Added support for filtering the Save & Continue token that will be used to populate child entries into a Nested Form field.

GP Populate Anything (v1.2.17)

  • Fixed an issue where field choices would be cached prior to hydration which could cause Live Merge Tags to use the value rather than the label.

GP Post Content Merge Tags (v1.3.6)

  • Fixed potential PHP notice when only using {confirmation_url} as a block’s content.

Alright wizards, until next week. 🧙‍♂️

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