Gravity Wiz Weekly #207

Fill your candy bag to the brim with Populate Anything treats. Plus, updates for Easy Passthrough, Media Library, and Advanced Phone Field!

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Greetings, wizards! 

Ugh. I’ve been eating too much of my kids’ Halloween candy. I know Halloween isn’t a universal holiday but I’m sure everyone can empathize with having a bit too much sugar. 😅

As such, I’ve curated a selection of our finest sugar-free treats for you this week!

Highlights of the Week

GP Easy Passthrough

Transfer data between Gravity Forms forms with ease. A must-have plugin for anyone working with multiple forms.

Easy Passthrough tokens make reloading data from a specific entry easy and secure. Just include the ep_token={Easy Passthrough Token} query parameter, and Easy Passthrough will do the rest.

This week, we updated Easy Passthrough to generate a token for entries that are programmatically generated too (e.g. not part of a normal form submission). This means all entries can now be reloaded via an EP token. Unlimited power!

GP Media Library

Upload your files from Gravity Forms to the WordPress Media Library and Advanced Custom Fields.

Using Media Library with Nested Forms, Entry Blocks, or GravityView? Gravity Forms 2.7.14 introduced an issue where existing files in a GPML-enabled Multi File Upload field were lost when editing an entry via a Gravity Form.

Make sure to get the latest version of GP Media Library pronto.

GP Advanced Phone Field

Level up your Phone fields with automatic country code selection, real number validation, and stylish visuals.

This week, we updated the library that handles validating phone numbers and capturing their metadata (it’s called libphonenumber for PHP) to the latest version. These updates are important to keep phone number metadata as accurate as possible.

Reminder: You can use phone number meta in conditional logic and display it via merge tags or in your Entry List view. 👌

advanced phone field in gravity forms metadata example

New Resources

Populate Anything received quite a few updates this week. But some of the most exciting updates are new snippets. 🤩

This week, we’re dedicating this entire section to the Swiss Army plugin!

Dynamic Quantity Choices

Set a maximum quantity and let this snippet dynamically populate all the quantities in between. Watch this 2m video to see it in action! Excuse the ASMR whisper voice. My kids were sleeping. 😅

Auto-select Only Choice

Want to save the user a click by automatically selecting a choice if it is the only option available? This simple snippet will do the trick! Got a video for this one too. 😉

Remove Empty Choices

This week, we updated this snippet to work with Radio Button fields. But… how is that useful to you?

You’re collecting a user’s email address and, optionally, their phone number. If they provide a phone number, you want them to indicate their preferred method of contact. 

Easy peasy. Just use Live Merge Tags for the email address and phone number in a Radio Button field and let the user make their preferred selection.

remove empty choices gravity forms

Product Updates

GF OpenAI (1.0-beta-1.7)

  • Added a log_debug() call before any request.
  • Fixed issue where the gf_openai_chat_completions_message filter hook would not run during merge tag replacement.

GP Advanced Calculations (v1.0.15)

  • Fixed another issue where omitting a leading zero on a decimal would cause calculations to not work as expected.

GP Advanced Save and Continue (v1.0.12)

  • Fixed race condition where occasionally a form would be submitted and a duplicated draft would be created at the same time

GP Advanced Phone Field (v1.0.19)

  • Updated giggsey/libphonenumber-for-php from 8.12.54 to 8.13.23.
  • Updated the default country to be US to help avoid issues with phone numbers without a country code.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.70)

  • Fixed an issue where Copy Cat could change user-entered values back to the copied value when navigating pages.

GP Easy Passthrough (v1.9.28)

  • Fixed a potential PHP warning if customizing the cookie delimiter using the gpep_cookie_delimiter PHP filter hook.
  • Fixed an issue with mapping generating values from other forms.
  • Fixed issue where Easy Passthrough tokens were not generated if entries were created programmatically.

GP Email Users (v2.0.6)

  • Fixed an issue where multiple recipients couldn’t be used in the BCC field.

GP File Upload Pro (v1.3.13)

  • Fixed issue where an old, cached dependency version was occasionally breaking upload fields.

GP Inventory (1.0-beta-3.26)

  • Fixed issue where Single Product fields with Scoped Advanced Inventory could fail validation when they shouldn’t.

GP Media Library (v1.2.28)

  • Fixed an issue introduced in Gravity Forms where existing files in a Multi File Upload field were lost when editing an entry via a Gravity Form.

GP Nested Forms (v1.1.39)

  • Updated the “Nested Form” drop down in the form editor to show if forms are inactive.
  • Fixed issue where deleting child entries when using an Easy Passthrough token would not work in some cases.

GP Populate Anything (v2.0.20)

  • Fixed issue where empty Multi Select values were not treated as empty.
  • Fixed an issue where {count} returned 1 when there were no results.
  • Fixed a potential PHP warning when passing an array as a filter value.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags in field labels could have awkward horizontal spacing when using the Orbital Theme.
  • Fixed PHP 8.1 deprecation notice.
  • Fixed potential PHP warning.

GP Read Only (v1.9.19)

  • Fixed an issue where read only Date dropdowns did not work as expected.

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