Gravity Wiz Weekly #71

WordCamp Europe, Populate Anything Polish, Mystery Perk.

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards. ?

We’ve got two weeks until WordCamp Europe. Clay and I will be there along with most of the Gravity Forms team. Looking forward to meeting any wizards attending!

In the meantime, we’ll be using the next two weeks before WCEU to finish some polish we’ve been putting into when and how values are populated in Populate Anything including robust support for live merge tags in field values and within HTML attributes (i.e. <a href="@{My URL Field:1}">Click Me!</a>).

…and we’re hoping to be able to announce the release of our mystery project (hint: it’s a new perk!) before WCEU as well.

We kept pretty busy the last two weeks with a host of new bug fixes and a few new features. Populate Anything now works with Gravity Forms’ Save & Continue. Make sure you check out the new Multi-page Navigation snippet too! Designating the current custom page link has been a long requested feature.

Until next week!



Multi-page Navigation | Add Current Class to Custom Page Links
Automatically add a “current” class to applicable custom page link when creating custom page links via Gravity Forms Multi-page Navigation.


Gravity Perks v2.1.8

  • Fixed potential warning if the Gravity Perks updater isn’t provided the optimal data format.

Gravity Forms Auto Login v1.3.5

  • Added ability to override the auto login logic with a new ‘gpal_auto_login’ filter.
  • Updated plugin author.

Gravity Forms Better User Activation v1.1.9

  • Fixed issue where activation key parameter did not account for other parameters already existing on the activation URL.

Gravity Forms Conditional Logic Dates v1.0.8

  • Updated plugin author.
  • Fixed notice generated when invalid form is passed via GF filters.

Gravity Forms Limit Dates v1.0.20

  • Updated plugin author.
  • Fixed noticed generated when invalid form is passed via GF filters.

Gravity Forms Limit Choices v1.6.31

  • Added error catching when invalid form is passed via GF filters.

Gravity Forms Limit Submissions v1.0-beta-1.13

  • Fixed issue where time periods with a unit of “hours” were not correctly limited.

Gravity Forms Multi-page Navigation v1.0.6

  • Fixed issue where setting “page” attribute on shortcode was not working.

Gravity Forms Nested Forms v1.0-beta-7.12

  • Added two new filters: ‘gpnf_process_feeds_nested_entries’ and ‘gpnf_process_feeds_nested_form’.
  • Added gp_nested_forms()->get_nested_form() helper method
  • Fixed issue where the raw value of some fields including fields with dynamic choices from GP Populate Anything would be used instead of the choice text/label.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect child from was refreshed after adding, editing or deleting an entry when multiple Nested Form fields existed on a parent form.

Gravity Forms Populate Anything v1.0-beta-2.63

  • Improved the form loading experience! Choices and values are now populated on the initial page load without an AJAX request.
  • Added support for Gravity Forms Save and Continue.
  • Added better support for populating values that are arrays.
  • Fixed notices generated when invalid form was passed via various GF filters.
  • Fixed issue where conditional logic in certain setups could cause Live Merge tags to return with a blank value.
  • Fixed issue where calculation setting was sometimes visible when it should not be.
  • Fixed notices generated when invalid form was passed via various GF filters.

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