Gravity Wiz Weekly #73

New Populate Anything Release, Mystery Perk Imminent, Meet Scott.

gravity wiz weekly

Strap in, wizards. This weekly is going to be a wild ride.

Populate Anything 1.0-beta-3.0 is now available!

This release brings support for populating your dynamic data before the form is displayed. This means no more annoying “Loading…” animation right after the form is loaded. In fact, we’ve done away with the “Loading…” indicator completely. Your fields’ opacity will now gently pulse when new data is being fetched and populated.

We’ve also added support for Live Merge Tags in default values, choices, and placeholders. This closes the gap of missing features from our acquisition of Live Population earlier this year.

Perk of Infinite Mystery

The mystery perk we’ve been teasing for a couple months drops tomorrow! It’ll fit in nicely with our growing family of perks that allow you to populate Gravity Forms data and display it (e.g. Populate Anything and Post Content Merge Tags).

Meet Scott

We’ve never formally introduced you to Scott, our stalwart support sorcerer. Scott joined us back in April and quickly became the master wizard of our Tower of Infinite Support. If you’d like to learn a bit more about Scott (and the rest of the team), check out our About page.

Wolf on Gravity Street

Lastly, we wanted to give a shout out to Louis Wolf over at Gravity Extend. He’s working hard to create the most comprehensive directory of Gravity Forms add-ons, free and premium. If you’d like to do a little exploring and see what’s out there, check out Gravity Extend.

Whew! Until next week.


Gravity Perks

Blacklist (v1.2.7)

  • Added localization support.
  • Updated plugin author.

Date Time Calculator (v1.0-beta-2.10)

  • Updated plugin author.

eCommerce Fields (v1.0.26)

  • Fixed notice generated in PHP 7.3.

Limit Choices (v1.6.32)

  • Added error catching when invalid form is passed via GF filters.
  • Fixed issue where evaluating if a field was exhausted always return true when no value was selected in that field.

Limit Submissions (v1.0-beta-1.17)

  • Added support for serving minifying script and style files.
  • Updated to limit by post global (rather than URL) when limiting by post ID via the Embed URL option.
  • Fixed issue where Email fields with confirm option enabled were not limited properly.
  • Fixed issue where input-specific limits were not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed conflict with ACF where both plugins loaded Select2.

Media Library (v1.1)

Nested Forms (v1.0-beta-7.17)

  • Added “gpnf_parent_merge_tag_value” filter to allow modify the value of the parent merge tag before it is replaced.
  • Fixed issue with ACF where Limit Submission’s version of select2 was loaded instead of its own.
  • Fixed notices generated when Nested Form field does not have a nested form selected.
  • Fixed issue where child entry created_by property did not match that of its parent when a non-logged-in user registered via the parent form.
  • Fixed error generated when {Parent} merge tag was called in a context where parent entry was expected but did not exist (i.e. child form notifications).

Notification Scheduler (v0.9.13)

  • Fixed potential error under “Scheduled Notifications” in the entry view if using the GMT +0 timezone.
  • Fixed issue where a MySQL error would sometimes be seen in the error logs after the cron event to send notifications ran.

Pay Per Word (v1.1.5)

  • Fixed issue where non-US currencies were not preserved in base price setting.

Populate Anything (v1.0-beta-3.2)

  • Added support for live merge tags in default values, placeholders, choices, and more!
  • Added support for populating the value of multi-selectable choice fields such as checkboxes and multiselects.
  • Added the gppa_loading_target_meta for modify how the loading indicator is handled and which element is replaced.
  • Updated (and greatly improved) the loading experience for dynamically populated values, choices, and live merge tags!
  • Fixed issue where the Ordering section wouldn’t be visible on the checkbox and multiselect fields.
  • Fixed conflict with WC GF Product Add-ons where form object was not correctly targeted causing events to fail to be bound.
  • Fixed issue where certain tags that came before the field container in the DOM would cause the field to duplicate upon re-population with AJAX.


  1. Deb M
    Deb M January 7, 2021 at 11:11 am

    Could the pulse behavior be replaced with a progress spinner? I have users who think the form is ‘wonky’ and exit because it pulses – an unfamiliar behavior to most people. A spinner might be more readily understood as “wait” until it loads.

  2. Christian Kellar
    Christian Kellar July 19, 2019 at 6:38 pm

    David Smith,

    We use Gravity Forms along with Gravity Perks (specifically Unique ID) on our wordpress site to handle Student/Instructor creation. We use the Unique ID field to generate usernames based on first/last names ({firstname}{lastname}{uniqueid}), however the Unique ID generation has not been working for the past couple days. It seems that the only way to get the Unique ID Field to generate a number is to set it to sequence values; however that’s not really how we wanted it to work. After implementing the original functionality, it worked for the first couple of days; but we haven’t touched it since and all of a sudden the Unique ID fields are no longer populating.

    I would really appreciate some help regarding this issue, as I can not find any help online.


  3. Kai Heffernan
    Kai Heffernan July 17, 2019 at 1:59 am

    Great update! I do have one question, though. I have been trying to dynamically populate a field with a post permalink, but can’t seem to find the option for this.

    My form has a drop down to select a post, and a custom URL field. I would like the custom URL field to be populated with the URL of the selected post, based on the selected post in the drop down field. Is this possible?

    Thank you, and keep up the great work!

    1. David Smith
      David Smith Staff July 17, 2019 at 7:30 am

      Hi Kai, there are a couple approaches to this… if your permalink structure is super simple like you could create a custom value template and build the permalink like so:

      Alternately, you could first populate the value as the post ID and then use our gppa_process_template_value hook to run that post ID through WP’s get_permalink() method before GPPA populates it into the field.

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