1. Description
  2. Usage
  3. Parameters
  4. Examples
    1. Modify Template Value


Filter the output of choice or value templates.


Filter all templates.

add_filter( 'gppa_process_template', 'my_custom_function' );

Filter all value templates.

add_filter( 'gppa_process_template_value', 'my_custom_function' );

Filter all label templates.

add_filter( 'gppa_process_template_label', 'my_custom_function' );


  • $template_value string

    Parsed template value.

  • $field GF_Field

    Current field.

  • $template_name string

    Indicates which template is being replaced (e.g. label, value, price).

  • $populate string

    This will either be values or choices depending on the context.

  • $object array or object

    The object that the template is pulling from.

  • $object_type object

    An instance of the current object type (e.g. GPPA_Object_Type_Post, GPPA_Object_Type_Entry).

  • $objects array

    An array of all objects that were returned by field’s configured filters.

  • $template string

    The template string that was used to generate the $template_value.


Modify Template Value

This generic example shows how you might target the value to be populated by Populate Anything for a specific field on a specific form.

 * Gravity Perks // GP Populate Anything // Modify Template Value
add_filter( 'gppa_process_template_value', function( $template_value, $field, $template_name, $populate, $object, $object_type, $objects ) {

	// Update "123" to your form ID and "4" to your field ID.
	if ( $field->formId == 123 and $field->id == 4 ) {
		$template_value = 'My modified value.';

	return $template_value;
}, 10, 7 );