GP Conditional Pricing 1.1 Available Adding Import/Export Support

GP Conditional Pricing has just been updated to version 1.1 adding support for importing exporting your conditional pricing rules with your form imports/exports. This was …

Require Minimum/Maximum Character Limit for Gravity Forms

Adds support for requiring a minimum and maximum number of characters for text-based Gravity Form fields.

GP Conditional Pricing 1.0 Now Available

Ready to add flexible and powerful pricing conditions for your Gravity Forms’ Product fields? This perk will allow you to take complete control of your …

GP Preview Submission 1.0.beta1.0 Now Available

The GP Preview Submission perk is now available for download with Gravity Perks. This perk provides an easy way to create submission previews, allowing users …

Gravity Perks 1.2 Released

Gravity Perks 1.2 includes a host of performance improvements as well as making the Gravity Perks platform more flexible for handling more advanced perk development. …

Speed Up Your Gravity Forms Testing: Unrequire Required Fields

Filling out field after required field can rot your brain. Save a huge amount of time by automatically unrequiring required fields.

Customizing the Multi-File Merge Tag

A simple way to create custom templates for displaying files uploaded via a Multi-File Upload field. Image files can be displayed as images, video files can be loaded as playable videos, PDFs (and other text file types) can be stylized to indicate the file type. The possibilities are endless.

Simple Split Testing with Gravity Forms

Which version of your form performs the best? Split Testing for Gravity Forms will help you find out.

Use List Field As Choices for Gravity Forms

Adds support for populating choice-based fields (i.e. checkboxes, selects, radio buttons) with values entered in a List field.

Gravity Forms Live Preview

Preview your forms on the frontend of your site.

Subtotal Merge Tag (for Calculations)

A simple way of getting the subtotal for your Gravity Form calculations.

Use Gravity Forms Conditional Logic with Dates

A simple method for showing and hiding Gravity Form fields based on the current date.

Calculate Number of Days Between Two Dates

Calculate the number of days between two given date fields and populate this number into a field on the form.

Customizing Gravity Forms User Registration Activation Page

If you’ve checked out the latest beta for the Gravity Forms User Registration add-on, you might have noticed one of the awesome new features is …

Multi-page Form Navigation

Adds support for navigating between form pages by converting the page steps into page links or creating your own custom page links.