Gravity Wiz Weekly #180

Gravity Perks turns ten today! Explore our history with us. Plus, big updates to our most recent releases, and how to create an unsubscribe form with Gravity Forms.

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Greetings, wizards!

Ten years ago to the day, I hit publish on a product that has defined the last decade of my life.

Gravity Perks was born from a desire to solve common problems with simple solutions. As my confidence grew, so did the vision for the product (and company).

Today, we’re the #1 resource for all things Gravity Forms with a suite of 46 powerhouse plugins, hundreds of free snippets, and countless magically-enhanced tutorials. All of this is backed by a team of expert wizards – ready to answer your questions, craft new features for your troubles, and guide you on your Gravity Forms journey.

Curious how we got here? We’ve created a timeline of our history that provides some fun glimpses into the many milestones of our ongoing quest for Gravity Forms greatness.

Advanced Save & Continue Continues…

Oh, did you think this was just a celebratory sales email disguised as our weekly newsletter? Nay, friend! We’ve got all those valuable updates your heart is longing for too. 😘

Advanced Save & Continue continues to save your users time, stress, and a ton of “save” button smashing. This week, we…

  • Improved support for Nested Forms. Drafts will no longer incorrectly inherit child entries from previous drafts.
  • Added support for viewing a specific user’s drafts. Just specify the “user_id” attribute on the [gpasc_drafts] shortcode.
  • Improved logged-in user detection so only unauthenticated users (aka visitors) ever see the visitor prompt.

And that’s just a small handful. See the full changelog below!

GP Google Sheets: The Quest for 1.0

GP Google Sheets (GPGS) is our most popular perk this year. Thanks to all of your feedback, it’s getting better and better every day. And I do mean every day

Here are a few ways GPGS got better this week.

  • We added a new filter to prevent a Google Sheets row from being deleted when its corresponding entry was deleted and the “Update & Delete Rows” feed setting was enabled.
  • We made significant improvements to the UX and functionality of disconnecting a Google Sheet from a feed (deets in the changelog).
  • We improved the reliability of how data is parsed and inserted into Google Sheets (deets in the changelog).

Other Suite Highlights

Page Transitions & Advanced Phone Field

Both Gravity Forms Page Transitions & Gravity Forms Advanced Phone Field were updated with support for Gravity Forms 2.7’s new theme framework. See how pretty they are in Orbital? 😍

Auto Login

GF User Registration 5.0.1 now processes its feeds asynchronously on submission. This means faster submissions but, unfortunately, prevents Gravity Forms Auto Login from doing its job. We’ve updated Auto Login to restore synchronous processing for feeds with auto-login enabled.

Populate Anything

Read Only inputs will no longer trigger a population request via Populate Anything when the input has focus and the user attempts to input a value. The value won’t change so Populate Anything doesn’t need to do anything. A humble performance win!

Workshop V: Gravity Forms Open AI

Next Thursday, March 2nd, we’ll be diving down the AI rabbit hole. 

The number one question we hear is, “What are the practical applications of Gravity Forms OpenAI?” We’ve got some great use cases to share and we’ll be answering even more of your questions.

New Resources

Advanced Merge Tags | The :mask Modifier

I know we’re all sick of masks #ripcovid but I think you’ll like this one. The new :mask modifier will show the first and last character of a value – or – in the case of an email address, show the first and last characters of the name and domain. A great way to show enough that a user in the know will know but not enough that it exposes sensitive information.


secret → s****t → d***d@g********

What other masking styles do you need?

Notification Scheduler | Frontend Unsubscribe Form

Turn any Gravity Form into a subscription management form for Notification Scheduler. Enter, select, or populate an email, specify whether to subscribe or unsubscribe, and click submit. This snippet handles the rest. 🪄

Gravity Perks

GP Address Autocomplete (v1.2.12)

  • Fixed issue where the hidden coordinates input could repopulate with non-JSON and trigger a JavaScript error.

GP Advanced Phone Field (v1.0.10)

  • Added compatibility for Gravity Forms’ new Theme Framework.

GP Advanced Save & Continue (v1.0-beta-1.2)

  • Added gpasc_should_defer_autosave_init filter to defer init and also added a client side Javascript API to enable/disable autosave.
  • Added support to use the default value if a gpasc_draft_display_name callback returned an empty value.
  • Added new capabilities to grant/deny access to Advanced Save & Continue settings and to uninstall it.
  • Improved our detection for logged in users to be a bit more robust and not rely on the <body> class.
  • Updated [gpasc_drafts] to use shortcode_atts() which makes it filterable using shortcode_atts_gasc_drafts.
  • Fixed issue where new drafts would load child entries from the Nested Forms session, incorrectly inheriting them.
  • Fixed issue where a resume token was incorrectly provided to Nested Forms when starting a new draft.
  • Fixed issue where errors would sometimes be displayed outside of a form context.
  • Fixed the Plugin Site URL pointing to the wrong location.

GP Auto Login (v2.2.3)

  • Added support for User Registration 5.0.1+, which defaults to asynchronous feed processing. When Auto Login is enabled on a User Registration feed, it now changes the feed back to synchronous processing so the automatic login can happen.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.61)

  • Added compatibility for GP Limit Date’s Inline Date Picker.
  • Added ability to add “if” condition for conditional copying based on other field values. Example usage: copy-1-to-2-if-3 to check if field ID 3 has a value. copy-1-to-2-if-3.0 will copy if field ID 3‘s first choice is selected.

GP Google Sheets (v1.0-beta-1.5)

  • Added explicit PHP minimum requirement of version 7.0.
  • Improved reliability of inserting rows when there are empty columns surrounding the columns that are being inserted.
  • Added gpgs_should_delete_google_sheets_entry filter to disable deletion synchronization between Gravity Forms entries and Google Sheets.
  • Added gp_google_sheets() function to get the GP Google Sheets instance.
  • Improved disconnecting experience by reverting the mapping column keys back to a custom input if a custom key was ever used.
  • Improved disconnecting experience by triggering a refresh of the feed settings after clicking “Disconnect.”
  • Fixed issue where mappings with custom values could lose their mapping or insert the wrong value.
  • Fixed issue where disconnecting sheets would not work for sheets that were created by the feed.
  • Fixed an issue with merge tags and entry properties not getting their values populated to Google Sheets.

GP Nested Forms (v1.1.17)

  • Added gpnf_should_load_child_entries_from_session filter to allow disabling loading child entries from the session. This will be used by Advanced Save & Continue to prevent drafts from inheriting child entries from other drafts.

GP Page Transitions (v1.0.5)

  • Added compatibility for Gravity Forms’ new Theme Framework.

GP Populate Anything (v1.2.43)

  • Fixed an issue with Read Only inputs trigerring Dynamic Population when any input is attempted on them.

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