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Gravity Wiz Weekly 215

Conditional Pricing 2.0 is here! Plus, Populate Anything and Gravity Flow integrations, use cases for GP Google Sheets, filter terms by depth, and plenty more.

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Introducing GP Conditional Pricing 2.0

Variable pricing in Gravity Forms just got easier. 2.0 packs a fresh interface, one-click exporting, and powerful importing functionality.

Spotlight: Creating Dynamic, Customizable Quoting Forms with Jennifer Erdman

We explore how Jennifer Erdman built a quote calculator — based on highly customizable product offerings — step by step.

Unlocking Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing’s Secret Features with Yearbox.com

See how one customer used a secret bulk importer feature in GP Conditional Pricing to create one product with 960 price points and save dozens of hours in the process.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #116

Introducing: One inventory management plugin to rule them all.

How To Set Up Conditional Pricing with Nested Forms

Want to provide discounts for large groups? Learn how to offer quantity-based discounts with Nested Forms and conditional logic.

Conditionally Display a Field Based on a Recurring Date

Automatic Conditional Logic with wildcard dates.

How to Do Calculations with Gravity Forms

If you’re using Gravity Forms on your WordPress website, you might need an easy way to do Gravity Forms calculations on form fields and user submissions.

How to Build a Player Roster with Age-Based Pricing

Register players with age-based registration fees in a single form submission.

Gravity Forms eCommerce Tutorial | The Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive guide to Gravity Forms eCommerce and the addons, snippets and tutorials you need to amplify your eCommerce store using Gravity Forms.

How to Setup Bulk Pricing with Gravity Forms

Offer your customers discounted rates when they buy in bulk. The more they order, the lower the price.

How to Setup Early Bird Pricing with Gravity Forms

Discount your Gravity Form products if your form is completed before a certain date or specific amount of time before today’s date.

How to Setup Rush Pricing with Gravity Forms

Charge a little extra if the user selects a delivery date that is within a certain time frame of the current date or a specific date in the future.

How to Setup Bulk Pricing with a Calculated Unit for Gravity Forms

Calculate how much of a product is being ordered and dynamically set the unit price based on the calculated value. Useful for dimension-based calculations like square footage and volume.

How to Add Three Decimals with Gravity Form Currencies

Most default currencies in Gravity Forms will be set to two decimal places. If you need to change this to three decimal places, or some other number, this guide will show you how.