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Add Weekend/Weekday-based Conditional Logic with Gravity Forms

Use Gravity Forms conditional logic to determine if the entered date is a weekday or weekend. This can be used to show or hide fields, conditionally send notifications, or conditionally trigger a Gravity Forms add-on feed.

How to Setup Early Bird Pricing with Gravity Forms

Discount your Gravity Form products if your form is completed before a certain date or specific amount of time before today’s date.

How to Setup Rush Pricing with Gravity Forms

Charge a little extra if the user selects a delivery date that is within a certain time frame of the current date or a specific date in the future.

How to Use Merge Tags in Field Labels with Gravity Forms

An easy method to use most Gravity Forms merge tags in your field labels.

How to Setup Bulk Pricing with a Calculated Unit for Gravity Forms

Calculate how much of a product is being ordered and dynamically set the unit price based on the calculated value. Useful for dimension-based calculations like square footage and volume.

How to Build Horizontal Forms with Gravity Forms

Want to display your form’s fields vertically, instead of horizontally? Learn how in this quick step by step guide.

How to Add Three Decimals with Gravity Form Currencies

Most default currencies in Gravity Forms will be set to two decimal places. If you need to change this to three decimal places, or some other number, this guide will show you how.

Adding Workflows to Forms with Gravity Flow

tl;dr – Automated form-based workflows make business processes more efficient and more transparent. Gravity Flow brings this powerful dimension to Gravity Forms.

Customizing the User Activation Email for Gravity Forms

Easily create your own custom user activation emails powered by Gravity Forms notifications.

How to hide Gravity Form field labels when using placeholders

We do a lot of custom Gravity Forms work and custom WordPress theme development. Over the years, the need to hide the Gravity Form field …

How to Style Gravity Forms Read-Only Fields

An overview of how to style read-only and disabled fields with CSS. Includes examples of how to target specific field types and different methods of styling.

Gravity Forms Conditional Shortcode

Use the Gravity Forms Conditional Shortcode to display conditional content in your Gravity Form confirmations, notifications or HTML fields (with the GP Preview Submission perk).

How to Hide Gravity Forms Product Fields

I will assume, since you are reading this article, you already have a reason for wanting to hide your Gravity Forms Product field. The reasons …

Very Simple Submission Approval for Gravity Forms

Provide a very simple, single-step approval process for your Gravity Forms submissions.

Send Manual Notifications with Gravity Forms

Email users who have submitted your forms whenever you need to; not just when the form is submitted.