Gravity Wiz Weekly #170

This week, team registrations with Nested Forms, preventing duplicate selections, question of the week results, and join us for our next Wizarding Workshop!

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards! 

We’ve been busy since our last weekly (I’m talking wizzy busy) working on some bigger projects and helping Gravity Perks customers solve tricky problems via our legendary support.

That means I might actually be able to keep this newsletter light for once. 😂

Let’s see how I did. 😉

New Resources

New Tutorial | Team Registration with Nested Forms

Learn how to register teams with Nested Forms in our latest guest post on the Gravity Forms blog. We cover all the basics of registering multiple “players” from a single submission plus explore the best way to charge fees per player, create age-based pricing, and add players to existing teams.

New Snippet | Prevent Duplicate Selections Across Checkbox Fields

We have a snippet that lets you prevent users from selecting the same option across multiple Drop Down fields. But how about preventing the same checkbox from being checked across multiple Checkbox fields? You have but to ask, dear friends, and the wizards will make it so. 🧙‍♂️

prevent duplicate selections across checkbox fields

File Renamer | Rename & Zip All Upload Files

Our Zip Files snippet got a little level-up this week. It now works with File Renamer so files are correctly renamed before they’re zipped up.

Not familiar with File Renamer? It’s just the easiest way to rename any file uploaded via Gravity Forms ever. No big deal. But also, a huge deal. This perk makes organizing your uploaded files a dream. 🐑

New Snippet | Dynamic Range for Number Fields

Gravity Forms provides a helpful minimum and maximum range setting for Number fields – a useful feature to constrain user input within specific thresholds.

I’m thinking of a number 1 through 10… 99! No, ma’am. 10 is the max.

This works great for static ranges but if your range is based on user input or maybe a dynamically populated value, you’re out of luck. Or, at least, you were.

This new powerhouse snippet lets you configure any field as the value for the minimum or maximum range. The range instruction is updated dynamically and optionally enforced live. Expect a full walk-through on this one soon.

dynamic range for number fields

Pro Tip | Exclude Products on Hidden Pages

So you’ve got a multi-page form with Product fields on each page and conditional logic to only show certain pages based on user input. You also have a Total field on each page so users can see a running total as they progress through the form.

Did you know that this total will still include products from hidden pages? Honestly, we just found out too.

This snippet will automatically exclude products on hidden pages from the totals. Bonus! It works for eCommerce Fields’ Subtotal fields too.

Subtotal fields make showing custom subtotals a breeze (excluding or including specific products) and work well with Tax, Discount, and Coupon fields to show the actual subtotal before taxes and discounts are applied.

Next Wizarding Workshop: Dec 15th

Mark your calendars. Our third workshop is officially scheduled for December 15th. 

gravity forms wizarding workshop december 15th

Come wind down for the holidays with your friendly neighborhood wizards. You’ll enjoy…

  • A demo of the incredible performance gains of Populate Anything 2.0
  • A jump start on importing Gravity Forms data into Google Sheets
  • Answers to your most maniacal Gravity Forms questions

Shall I save you a seat?

Question of the Week: Results

In our last weekly, we asked our international customers (is that you?) to let us know if working with Gravity Perks in your own language was a valuable feature. Here’s what you said:

how important is having gravity perks available in your primary language

It’s awesome to see there’s some clear demand for making Gravity Perks available in more languages. This is super useful to know and we’ve already started brainstorming (and researching) the best way to make this happen. More to come!

Gravity Perks

Gravity Perks (v2.2.9)

  • Improved performance by decreasing the number of calls to get_plugins().

GP Limit Dates (v1.1.15)

  • Fixed a JavaScript error that could occur when setting default dates on Inline Datepickers in forms with conditional logic.
  • Fixed JavaScript error that could prevent forms from showing in some cases.

GP Nested Forms (v1.1.10)

  • Fixed potential PHP error if creating GP Nested Forms sessions programmatically.

GP Notification Scheduler (v1.2.8)

  • Added new capabilities to grant/deny access to Notification Scheduler plugin settings, form settings, and to uninstall it.

GP Populate Anything (v1.2.35)

  • Fixed an issue where dynamically populating values into a multi-select field would not work if the value being populated was a comma-delimited list without spaces after commas.

GP Preview Submission (v1.3.14)

  • Fixed potential conflict with Populate Anything when populating List fields.
  • Fixed issue where values wouldn’t update correctly in some cases when editing entries using GP Nested Forms or GP Entry Blocks.

GP Reload Form (v2.1.3)

  • Fixed an issue where multiple popup forms were not always reloading correctly.

GP Terms of Service (v1.4.4)

  • Fixed a potential JavaScript error when using require scroll setting inside a GP Nested Forms child form.

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