Gravity Wiz Weekly 194

Thanks to your feedback, we have some new features for Advanced Select. Plus, eCommerce Fields use cases, and a bag of treats for your favorite perks.

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards! 

Yesterday’s wizarding workshop was electrifying. ⚡

I could barely keep up with the chat, frantically trying to answer all of your questions about our upcoming product line (Gravity Shop) and its flagship product (GS Product Configurator) while Clay gave a live demo that blew some minds. If you missed it, we’ll share the recording next week.

For now, let’s see what else is buzzing!

Progress Report: Populate Anything 2.0

Populate Anything 2.0 has been working its performance magic on hundreds of WordPress sites for over a month now. This new version brings major performance improvements, future-facing refactors, and a tight integration with Advanced Select.

We’ve been forging ahead on the 2.0 train 🚂 with lots of updates and improvements to ensure that upgrading from a previous version will be a seamless experience.

Important Reminder! 

Populate Anything 2.0 has not been pushed out to existing installations. We wanted to give existing customers plenty of time to test this new major version without a lingering beta period. If you are on a previous version of Populate Anything, you can download and test the latest version via your account.

Exploring Advanced Select

Our newest perk, Advanced Select, simply makes Drop Downs and Multi Selects better. Better looking, more accessible, and more powerful.

We’re already making this plugin even better using your feedback to guide us, like adding the ability to enable Advanced Select on Address field selects (e.g. State, Province, and Country inputs), and the inclusion of a “remove” button for Multi Select items. Both of which are coming very soon!

Additionally, we’re exploring possibilities for custom label templates, including data populated via Populate Anything!

gravity forms advanced select

If you want to see that in action and download a form export, see the demo I recorded for a Gravity Perks customer.

Haven’t tried Advanced Select yet?

PS – Do you like discounts? Advanced Select also integrates with Gravity Forms Images Choices to let you display images alongside your Drop Down and Multi Select choices. Use “WizardSloths” at checkout to get 25% off this beautifying plugin.

Shout out: Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields

We love to share use cases that provide tasty bite-sized insight into what’s possible. Ryan Wilfong, Founder at Red Forest Studios, gave a quick shout out to GP eCommerce Fields, and it matches the part perfectly. Here’s what Ryan had to say.

“When tasked with building a complex quoting system for a book publishing client, I ran into issues altering and styling the default order summary output by Gravity Forms.

After gauging the effort required to build what I needed using the hooks and filters available out of the box, I did what I always do in these situations: visited Gravity Wiz to check if there was an existing perk that could save me some time. 

That’s when I discovered the Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields perk. Using this perk I was able to directly alter the order summary data and markup as needed with minimal time and effort. Using the gpecf_order_sumary_markup hook, and reviewing some provided snippets/examples, I was able to build what I needed in a fraction of the time it would have taken me had I started from scratch.”

If you’re building eCommerce solutions using Gravity Forms, GP eCommerce Fields is a weapon. It provides support for three new field types: Tax, Discounts, and Subtotal, and a handful of merge tags to help when using these in calculations. Our favorite: a handy merge tag for displaying order summaries in your confirmations and notifications. 


Advanced Phone Field | Set Default Country by Field

Want to level up your Phone fields with automatic country code selection, real number validation, and stylish visuals? Advanced Phone Field is the perk for you.

This week, we wrote a simple snippet that lets you set the default country for a specific field. Typically, GPAPF-enabled fields use the default country specified in the global settings.

gravity forms phone field set default country by field

Entry Blocks + Gravity Flow | Restart Workflow on Edit

Entry Blocks: The easiest way to display and edit Gravity Forms entries. And now, with the help of a little snippet power, you can restart your Gravity Flow workflows any time an entry is edited via Entry Blocks. Would love to hear how you use this snippet in the wild!

Address Autocomplete | Autocomplete by City

By default, Address Autocomplete is typically used to look up specific addresses with just a few keyboard strokes. But what if you don’t want to look up a specific address but rather a city? Here, hold my beer. 🍺

address autocomplete autocomplete by city

Gravity Perks

GP Entry Blocks (1.0-alpha-2.25)

  • Fixed an issue where Checkbox fields with only one choice would not be checked in some cases in the Edit Form block.

GP Expand Textareas (v1.1.1)

  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.
  • Fixed an issue with HTML field Content not displaying Expand Textarea when enabled.

GP Google Sheets (1.0-beta-2.3)

  • Added additional debug logging when refreshing access tokens.

GP Limit Submissions (v1.1.10)

  • Updated references to String.prototype.format() to use String.prototype.gformFormat() as the former will be removed in Gravity Forms 2.8.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak which could cause PHP fatal errors.

GP Page Transitions (v1.0.16)

  • Fixed issue where tabbing could cause the current page/slide to be tabbed away from causing misaligned slides and Soft Validation to be bypassed.

GP Populate Anything (v2.0.5)

  • Added new gppa_submitted_choice_label PHP filter hook.
  • Updated the GF Entry Object Type to have a less memory intensive query cache hash scheme.
  • Updated gppa_query_cache_hash to pass in a default value of false instead of the value of $object_type_instance->query_cache_hash() to allow for more performant short-circuiting of the query cache hashing.
  • Fixed issue where a non-existent custom object type would cause a fatal error.
  • Fixed a regression with the {count} merge tag.
  • Fixed an issue with GP_Populate_Anything::maybe_save_choice_label() passing the wrong parameters to GP_Populate_Anything::populate_field() which could cause an issue with GP Advanced Select’s lazy loading in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Populate Anything would try to focus on previously-focused inputs that are hidden after a page change or conditional logic update. This fixes a compatibility issue with GP Page Transitions.

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