Gravity Wiz Weekly 201

Snippet level ups and security updates. Entry Blocks + Google Sheets. Updates for Nested Forms, eCommerce Fields, and more.

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards! 

It feels weird to not write an intro but we’ve got so much to share with you this week, I’d really prefer to just jump into the good stuff. So, no intro? Wait, is this an intro? Crap.

News & Reminders

GWW 200: Raffle Winners

Last week we hosted a t-shirt raffle in honor of the 200th issue of the Gravity Wiz Weekly. We’ve randomly selected our 20 winners and, if you’re one of them, you’ve got an email waiting in your inbox. Hope you enjoy your first edition Gravity Perks t-shirts. 😄

Also… Wow! I am overwhelmed by the incredibly positive response we received to this raffle. We included an optional field on the raffle form that asked, “What’s your favorite thing about Gravity Wiz?” Here are just a few random highlights:

Amazing support that goes the extra mile to help you make something that works exactly how you imagined! 

The wizardry… The ease of use… The massive number of solutions!

Honestly – your emails are outstanding. But also the perks are extremely useful with great documentation. Congrats!

I can’t tell you how much the team and I appreciate the validation that we’re doing something right here at Gravity Wiz. A toast to the next 200 issues of the Gravity Wiz Weekly! 🥂

Gravity Wiz Retreat 2023

This merry band of international wizards is finally meeting in person! A couple of us can’t make it but the rest of the crew will be meeting up in Washington DC next week for some good old fashioned wand crafting team building. This is years overdue and I’m so excited! *squeals with delight*

Please expect slower responses to your support requests next week.

We will have support coverage every day during the retreat but responses will be slower than usual. You can expect the same tenacious quality from us though. 😎

Weekly Highlights

GP Nested Forms

A Gravity Forms repeater for simple or complex forms. Create forms within forms for better management of robust data collection. Formception!

One of our top concerns when we created Nested Forms was accidental data loss. A child entry (e.g. any entry submitted via a Nested Form field) can contain a lot of data. Typically, if a user accidentally refreshes a page or closes a tab, their form data is lost and they start from scratch.

To avoid this harsh consequence, Nested Forms creates a session for each parent form and stores the child entries until the parent form is submitted. If you refresh or revisit the page, child entries are automatically reloaded from the session.

nested forms team registration

Previously, this session was global for the entire website. Now, that session is page-specific. This means you can include the same parent form on multiple pages, and the child entries submitted via Nested Form fields on Page A will remain completely independent of the child entries submitted on Page B.

Felt good to deprecate this snippet!

GP eCommerce Fields

Make Gravity Forms more eCommerce-friendly with support for Tax, Discounts, and Subtotal fields plus a bunch of other helpful eCommerce features.

If you’re selling in a country, province, or state that doesn’t include shipping in tax calculations, this new filter is going to make eCommerce Fields work a lot better for you. The only downside is that this is a global filter and cannot be applied per form or field.

GP Entry Blocks

The easiest, most flexible way to display and edit Gravity Forms entries on the frontend. Fully customizable layouts powered by WordPress’ very own Block Editor.

Doesn’t it suck that entry edits made via Entry Blocks aren’t reflected in spreadsheets connected with GP Google Sheets (GPGS)? Well, it doesn’t suck anymore! 

If you’ve enabled the “Update & Delete Rows” setting on your GPGS feed, the spreadsheet row will be updated when the entry is edited in Entry Blocks. 👌

entry blocks google sheets update

New Resources

Cache Buster | Security Update 🚨

Cache Buster has received an update for a moderate security issue. We recommend upgrading to the latest version (v0.3) at your earliest convenience.

As a snippet-based plugin, you will need to upgrade it manually. To upgrade, download the latest version here and upload the plugin zip file as if it were a new plugin. WordPress will prompt you to upgrade it without the need to deactivate and delete it.

If you need any help updating, we’ve got a team of wizards at your disposal.

Credit to Yufan You for discovering and disclosing the security issue. 🙏

Snippet Level Up | Prevent Duplicate Selections

We’ve been meaning to add support for Drop Down and Multi Select fields to this snippet for a while now, and this week, we finally made it happen. Enable this snippet to prevent the same option from being selected in multiple Checkbox, Radio Button, Drop Down, and Multi Select fields.

prevent duplicates selects player example

Note: Multi Select field support does require the Enhanced UI field setting to be enabled. Support for Advanced Select is coming soon.

Entry Blocks | Customize Submit Button Label for Edit Entry Form

If your form’s submit button label is something like, “Add New Listing”, this won’t make much sense when the user is editing this listing (e.g. entry) via Entry Blocks. Use this snippet to customize the submit button label for this context, like “Update Listing”.

Product Updates

Gravity Perks

GP Advanced Select (v1.0.1)

  • Improved compatibility with Avada theme.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.67)

  • Fixed an issue with Address fields not copying correctly.

GP Easy Passthrough (v1.9.24)

  • Improved compatibility with GravityView by creating new Easy Passthrough tokens for duplicated entries.

GP eCommerce Fields (v1.2.21)

GP Entry Blocks (1.0-alpha-2.27)

  • Updated the Edit Form block to trigger gform_post_update_entry after editing an entry to improve compatibility with other perks and add-ons.

GP Google Sheets (1.0-beta-2.9)

  • Added a spinner to the feed creation flow to indicate when Google authentication or sheet selection is occurring.
  • Improved how we check if entries are spammed prior to sending the entry to Google Sheets. This addresses an issue where manually processing a feed wouldn’t work in some situations.
  • Improved the feed creation flow by disabling options until they have been populated with the selected sheet’s data.
  • Updated the default HTTP request timeout to Google to be 15 seconds rather than 5 seconds. It is now filtered by gpgs_http_request_timeout instead of http_request_timeout.

GP Nested Forms (v1.1.35)

  • Updated sessions to be page-specific.

GP Populate Anything (v2.0.13)

  • Added gppa_object_id filter hook.
  • Fixed issue where texturization of strings could cause Live Merge Tags to not function as expected.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags were not replaced in single product labels in product info which could impact gateways.

GP Unique ID (v1.4.15)

  • Fixed issue where checking if entry was spammed outside of a typical Gravity Forms submission flow would incorrectly set a property that should only be set during a typical GF submission flow.

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