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Gravity Wiz Weekly 231

Check out our new YouTube series on Datepickers! Plus, Randomizer 2.0 (and how we used it to build a quiz), and watch a Feed Forge demo from a WordPress legend.

Gravity Wiz Weekly 224

What do you want in a Notion integration? Plus, usability enhancements for Entry Blocks, Nested Forms + Easy Passthrough, Complex (Google) Sheets, and more.

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Gravity Wiz Weekly 217

Explore or new website with us! This one’s a decade in the making. Plus, new blocks for Entry Blocks and custom choice labels with Advanced Select.

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Gravity Wiz Weekly 213

Updates to Populate Anything, Nested Forms, eCommerce Fields, and more. Plus, learn how to create dynamic, customizable quoting forms!

How to Use Ready Classes in Gravity Forms

Learn how to use Gravity Forms Ready Classes to customize and style your forms. Get an overview of CSS Ready Classes and how to apply them.

How to Group & Repeat Fields in Gravity Forms

Learn how to group and repeat fields in Gravity Forms using a range of methods, including page fields, columns, sections, and nested forms.

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Gravity Wiz Weekly 203

A major release for a major perk, our next Wizarding Workshop, and why Gravity PDF’s Invoices 2.0 and eCommerce Fields are a power couple.

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Gravity Wiz Weekly 201

Snippet level ups and security updates. Entry Blocks + Google Sheets. Updates for Nested Forms, eCommerce Fields, and more.

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Gravity Wiz Weekly 197

Get a crash course on persistent order confirmations. Plus, prevent duplicate selections, hide empty summary columns, and wizardly highlights.

gravity forms repeaters: the ultimate guide cover creative

Gravity Forms Repeaters: The Ultimate Guide

Everything you (could possibly) need to now about using Gravity Forms repeater fields. Explore what they are, what your options are, and how to use them to collect repeatable data in Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms Data Export: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to export Gravity Forms data in this step-by-step guide. Explore the benefits of exporting form data and how to get more out of your data export.

create timesheets with gravity forms cover creative

How to Create Timesheets with Gravity Forms

Learn how to take timesheets and time tracking to the next level using Nested Forms and Date Time Calculator. Plus, calculate overtime pay, restrict entries to available weekdays only, and other tips.

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Gravity Wiz Weekly #158

Introducing our 45th perk: Gravity Forms Advanced Phone Field. Plus, Row IDs for Nested Forms, a new Question of The Week, and how to replace 20 Product fields with one.

Spotlight: Netalys’ Salt Consumption Calculator

A behind-the-scenes look at how Netalys built a daily salt consumption calculator using Nested Forms and Populate Anything.

The Potent Potion Behind ZeeDesign’s Insurance Quoting Platform

Learn how you can build a quoting platform from scratch — and one that easily handles multiple checkout items using Gravity Perks.