Gravity Wiz Weekly 213

Updates to Populate Anything, Nested Forms, eCommerce Fields, and more. Plus, learn how to create dynamic, customizable quoting forms!

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards. 

And welcome to 2024! 🎉

I convinced myself to take a few days off over the holidays but I couldn’t stay away for long. My fingers were itching to draft the very first newsletter of the new year. 😉

Here’s to the start of another legendary year of Gravity Forms wizardry! 🥂

Highlights of the Week

GP Nested Forms

A Gravity Forms repeater for simple or complex forms. Create forms within forms for better management of complex data collection. Formception!

You can now export individual inputs from multi-input fields (like Name and Address fields) when exporting a parent form that contains a Nested Form field.

Previously, multi-input child fields could only be exported as a single, combined value (e.g. “Dave Smiff” and “123 Magic Lane, Archenland, Narnia, 23456”). With this update, you can export each of those values individually.

gravity forms nested forms export individual inputs from multi-input fields

This is useful if you need to sort your exported data by first or last name or if you’re mapping your export file to a service that can handle individual address components like street, zip/postal code, country, etc).

GP Populate Anything

Dynamically filter and populate field choices and values with posts, users, taxonomies, terms, Gravity Forms entries, and databases. Pretty much anything!

A lot of folks don’t know that you can create custom labels and values combining multiple properties from the objects you populate into your fields with Populate Anything

Want to populate a post title and the post ID as the label for a choice? The “✎ Custom Value” option makes this a cinch.

This week, we moved the “✎ Custom Value” option from the very bottom of the choice/value template selects to the top to help make it easier to access (and easier to discover). Learn more and watch a short video.

GP eCommerce Fields

Make Gravity Forms more eCommerce-friendly with support for Tax, Discounts, and Subtotal fields plus a bunch of other helpful eCommerce features.

eCommerce Fields comes packaged with a delightful little merge tag that allows you to display a summary of the submitted order (i.e. entry). It’s the, wait for it… {order_summary} merge tag!

With the latest version, you’ll find that when displaying the {order_summary} inside a form with the Theme Framework enabled, it’ll look a little nicer. 😊

improvements to the gravity forms ecommerce fields order summary merge tag

GP Page Transitions

Bring your forms to life with animated transitions between form pages and automatic page progression.

Skip the page-by-page “submit” hassle with Soft Validation. Frontend checks catch required fields to prevent obvious errors; full validation and submission happen when you submit the last page.

This paves the wave for instant and delicious animated transitions as the user progresses frictionlessly through your multi-page forms.

This week, we added support for required Rating fields (powered by GF’s Survey Add-On) when Soft Validation is enabled. 👌

support for gravity forms rating fields with gravity forms page transitions

Spotlight: Dynamic, Customizable Quoting Forms with Jennifer Erdman

jennifer erdman's testimonial about gravity wiz

If there’s one audience that can empathize with the phrase “there’s a lot going on under the hood,” it’s you guys. What might seem like a simple form has numerous moving pieces behind the scenes — like cogs inside a machine — all playing an essential part in getting a successful submission.

Jennifer Erdman’s quoting form for PFA Inc. is no exception. It makes use of GP Conditional Pricing and GP Advanced Calculations to run calculations based on product sizes and specifications. This is tag-teamed with Populate Anything’s Live Merge Tags to ensure all information moves appropriately throughout the form to appear neatly in a final quote, which is then sent to both her client and the prospect as a quote via Gravity Forms notifications.

In this spotlight, we explore how it works.

New Resources

Delay Child Feeds Pending Gravity Flow Approval

Gravity Flow lets you create gnarly approval workflows and only process feeds (like GP Google Sheets) when an entry has been approved.

Nested Forms allows you to process feeds for both parent and child forms but, currently, there isn’t a simple way to delay child form feeds until the parent entry is approved.

This snippet is our first foray into supporting this configuration. Give it a try and let us know how we can make it work better for you!

Sort by Term Order with Populate Anything

We had a lovely Pro customer using this plugin to assign their terms a custom order. They wanted to honor this order when populating terms for selection via Populate Anything.

We wrote a handy little snippet that not only adds support for ordering terms by a custom meta value but also demonstrates how easy it is to add these kinds of tweaks to this highly extensible plugin. 🙌

sort by term order with gravity forms populate anything

Add User-defined Choices with Advanced Select

A couple months ago, we  introduced a simple JS snippet to allow user-defined choices with our popular Advanced Select perk.

Now we’ve converted that simple JS snippet into a more robust PHP equivalent (easier to install) and added support for restoring user-defined choices when resuming a draft submission.

add user-defined choices with gravity forms advanced select

Product Updates

Gravity Perks (v2.3.5)

  • Fixed issue where “Enable auto-updates” would only show on perks if there was an available update.

GS Product Configurator (1.0-beta-2)

  • Added support for updating the gspc_wc_quantity meta on entries when quantities of order items is changed after an order is placed.
  • Added functionality for editing cart items.
  • Improved compatibility with Advanced Conditional Logic for Gravity Forms.
  • Improved compatibility with GP Inventory when using the “Entry per line item” mode.
  • Updated “Entry Quantity Mode” to default to “Entry per line item” and deprecate “Entry per Quantity.” See release post for more details on the why.

GP Advanced Calculations (v1.0.16)

  • Fixed issue where Merge Tag Shorthands would use pricing field choice values instead of prices which does not match the default Gravity Forms behavior nor how it would be handled after submission. If you wish to use a pricing field choice’s value, you will need to switch from the shorthand to a full merge tag with a modifier such as {:1:value}.

GP Auto Login (v2.2.4)

  • Fixed an issue where activating users from the WordPress admin could auto login the admin as the user being activated.

GP Conditional Logic Dates (v1.2.16)

  • Fixed issue where using “greater than” or “less than” to compare a Date field with a blank value no longer worked. While this restores that functionality, please considered it deprecated. Use “is” or “is not” to confirm if a Date field has a value.
  • Fixed issue where blank rule values could generate a fatal error when using the greater than or less than operator.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.73)

  • Fixed an issue where Time fields would not copy correctly.

GP eCommerce Fields (v1.2.26)

  • Improved support for the {order_summary} and Theme Framework; font sizes will now be honored.
  • Fixed styling issue when dispaying {order_summary} markup on the frontend.
  • Removed HTML escaping from product field labels to match core Gravity Forms behavior.

GP Google Sheets (v1.1.5)

  • Added support for additional field types when inserting test rows.
  • Fixed issue where empty strings could cause no results to be returned due to a LOWER() function call in the Populate Anything object type.

GP Limit Submissions (v1.1.13)

  • Fixed potential PHP 8.2 deprecation notice.

GP Live Preview (v1.6.10)

  • Improved compatibility with Live Preview and themes/sites that use the_content filter multiple times on a page. This improves compatibility with plugins such as Content Blocks (Custom Post Widget).

GP Nested Forms (v1.1.46)

  • Added $input as a fifth parameter for the gpnf_export_child_field_header to support input-sepcific columns.
  • Added support for exporting specific inputs.

GP Page Transitions (v1.0.27)

  • Added support for using Rating fields from the Survey Add-On with Soft Validation.

GP Populate Anything (v2.0.28)

  • Updated position of the “✎ Custom Value” option to be at the top of the choice/value template selects.
  • Fixed issue where notices were generated when replacing some merge tags due to a partial entry being passed that did not contain all expected entry properties.
  • Fixed a regression where options would sometimes not be selected in Multi Select fields when dynamically populating both the choices and value.
  • Fixed issue where populating a product field into a non-product field’s value would not work as expected.

GP Preview Submission (v1.3.15)

  • Fixed an issue where Preview Submission altered the output of the {order_summary} merge tag when replaced via a Populate Anything Live Merge Tag.

GP Unique ID (v.1.5.3)

  • Fixed an issue with Prefix and Suffix on Unique IDs.

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