Gravity Wiz Weekly 221

We’ve gained four new wizards! Plus, Entry Blocks Beta 1, Gravity PDF + Nested Forms, Round Robin + GP Inventory, and more.

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Greetings, wizards! 

Q1 is winding down but the year is just getting started. 

I’m particularly excited to share that we’ve hired four new wizards this quarter. That’s two new Support Wizards and two new Support Developers. With such a hearty band of adventurers, Gravity Wiz is poised for a truly epic year.

For now, let’s see what our wizards were up to this week. 🧙‍♂️

Entry Blocks Beta 1: The Entries Loop

Entry Blocks has become quite a fantastic beast and I can tell you exactly where to find it – nestled snugly in our magical suite of Gravity Forms add-ons, Gravity Perks!

Beta 1 brings a transformed Entries Loop block. Display your form data with hundreds of WordPress blocks and watch as your customizations are instantly reflected across all entries – right in the Block Editor. It’s truly WYSIWYG.

Are you as excited as I am? 😍

Highlights of the Week

Populate Anything + Page Conditional Logic

We’ve improved support for Page Conditional Logic and Populate Anything by refreshing dynamically populated fields in a conditionally hidden page when it becomes visible.

A feature improvement sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.

Albus C. Clarke

Did You Know?

A few fun facts inspired from this week’s changelog. Did you know…

  1. Copy Cat can copy from Total fields?
  2. Conditional Pricing allows you to set prices for individual options in choice-based Product fields?
  3. GP Inventory can do everything GP Limit Choices can, and more?

Check out the full changelog for the raw inspiration. 

Gravity PDF: Workin’ Like Wizards

gravity pdf 6.9 feature release creative

The Gravity PDF crew has been on an absolute tear recently! If you’re using Gravity PDF and Nested Forms, they’ve got two sweet updates for you.

First, the PDF for GravityView plugin now displays Nested Form fields flawlessly. 💯

Second, Nested Form child fields now have feature-parity with fields on the parent form when rendered in PDFs. This means you can show HTML fields, empty fields, Section Break descriptions, and even enable conditional logic in your PDF settings for these fields.

We’re feeling the love all the way on the other side of the world. 💜

Sorcerous Resources

Nested Forms: Duplicate Child Entries on Parent Duplication

This little snippet-that-could has graduated from our experimental lab with added support for Entry Blocks. If you duplicate a parent entry, this snippet will handle duplicating child entries as well. Let us know if this is a feature we should roll into core. 🛼

Update Posts: TLC

how to update posts with gravity forms

If you want to update posts with Gravity Forms, it doesn’t get any easier than our Update Posts snippet. Over the last few months, we’ve added support for updating sub fields in ACF Group fields, fixed a couple tricksy hobbits issues, and added support for appending images to ACF Gallery fields.

Round Robin + GP Inventory

Earlier we talked about how GP Inventory (GPI) can do everything GP Limit Choices (GPLC) can do, and anything GPLC can do, GPI can do better. We leaned into that energy and added support for honoring inventory limits with our popular Round Robin resource.

Even if you’re not into bird watching, you’ll love Round Robin. It can evenly distribute leads, schedule shifts, and balance task responsibilities like support requests or job applications.

Product Updates

GP Address Autocomplete (v1.2.20)

  • Fixed an issue where the Places Autocomplete container was not repositioned when the parent container (typical a modal) was resized.

GP Advanced Phone Field (v1.0.23)

  • Improved compatibility with GP Populate Anything by reinitializing intl-tel-input when Advanced Phone Fields are dynamically refreshed.

GP Advanced Save and Continue (v1.0.18)

  • Fixed issue where Advanced Save & Continue could conflict with GravityImport.

GP Conditional Pricing (v2.0.4)

  • Fixed regression where conditional prices would not apply to choice-based products in some cases.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.76)

  • Fixed issue where copying values from Total fields could inadvertently remove decimals.

GP Entry Blocks (1.0-beta-1)

  • Added layout controls to the Entries Loop block. Bonus: More style controls have been added, too!
  • Added new previewing capabilities to the Entries Loop Block.
  • Improved compatibility with Reusable Blocks Extended. This fixes an issue where an “Oops! We can’t locate that entry.” message could show in some situations.
  • Updated the view selector toolbar to switch to the Entries Index block rather than the top-level Entries block if it exists.
  • Fixed styling issues with the block controls when using the “Top toolbar” setting in the Block Editor.
  • Fixed issue where Entry Blocks that accept inner blocks would be double-wrapped.
  • Fixed issue where additional Partial Entries could be created if editing a Partial Entry with gpeb_exclude_partial_entries set to false.

GP Inventory (1.0-beta-3.33)

  • Updated behavior to hide GP Limit Choices settings in the choices fly out when Inventory is enabled on a field.

GP Populate Anything (v2.0.36)

  • Improved support for Page Conditional Logic by refreshing dynamically populated fields in a conditionally hidden page when it becomes visible.
  • Fixed how we handle filter values with Email fields with confirmation enabled. This fixes some conflicts with other array-based fields such as Multi Selects.
  • Removed compatibility layer with GP Advanced Phone Field. Instead, the compatibility will be handled in GP Advanced Phone Field.

GP Preview Submission (v1.3.16)

  • Fixed a PHP error that could occur when using multi-file upload fields after updating to Gravity Forms

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