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Greetings, wizards. 🙂

Are you ready for more content than you can shake a wand at? ✨Accio updates!✨

Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator Unleashed Released

The legends are true! Our long-time early access perk, Date Time Calculator is finally publicly available as a beta. Use Date and Time fields in your calculations to calculate durations, ages, number of week/weekend days, and more! Check out the release post for all the details.

Fresh Magical Content? Check.

Scott has been putting his growing Gravity Wiz expertise to good use. We’ve been publishing a new Gravity Forms article almost every week. Learn how to do some downright magical stuff with Gravity Forms!

Free Plugin: Daily Form Schedule

Early last month we introduced another free plugin: Daily Form Schedule. This plugin builds on Gravity Forms’ existing scheduling feature to allow you to create a daily time range that your form is available. Simple but effective.

This is the third free plugin we’ve released in the last six weeks! See our Plugins category for a list of all of our free plugins.

Regularly Scheduled Updates

Oh… did we mention that in addition to this insane amount of sorcerously delicious Gravity Forms content, we have a host of bug fixes and enhancements for the Gravity Perks suite? Read on for details on our biggest release cycle yet.

Alright, wizards. Let’s catch up again soon! ⚡️


Nested Forms | Auto-attach Uploaded Files from Child to Parent Notifications
Attach files uploaded on a child form to a notification on the parent form. If the parent form has its own File Upload field, this can be enabled by checking the “Attach uploaded files to notification” option in the parent notification.

Gravity Perks

Conditional Logic Dates (v1.0.12)

  • Fixed regression where valid timestamps were not correctly identified causing issues with date-based conditional logic evaluation.
  • Fixed issue where specifying non-lowercased am/pm times in time-based conditional logic rules failed to evaluate correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Read-Only-enabled Datepicker fields were not correctly evaluated when the datepicker was disabled.

Date Time Calculator (v1.0-beta-3.5)

  • Fixed issue where the calculation result would be 0 in some cases when a date before January 1, 1970 (Linux Epoch) is entered into a date field that’s part of a calculation.
  • Fixed issue where delta verification check on submission would fail if using commas as decimal separator or if using the currency format.
  • Fixed validation errors on certain multi-page forms.
  • Fixed issue where delta verification for calculations would happen on all calculated fields rather than those only using Date Time Calculator merge tags.
  • Fixed fatal error when using calculation fields with dates on multi-page forms.
  • Fixed issue where calculated Product fields would always fail validation.

eCommerce Fields (v1.0.29)

  • Fixed issue where product-specific Tax fields failed to account for coupon discounts.
  • Fixed missing in order summary header which caused PDF generators to render the order summary correctly.

Easy Passthrough (v1.4.9)

  • Added support for populating Nested Forms child entries when a token is used.
  • Fixed issue where entry inputs replaced inputs to be rendered resulting in notices where all inputs were expected (e.g. Credit Card fields).
  • Fixed issue where disabled GP Easy Passthrough feeds would continue to populate forms.
  • Fixed issue where Easy Passthrough incorrectly caused Nested Forms child entries not to be editable by default.

Limit Checkbox (v1.2.11)

  • Fixed issue where gplc_validation_message filter was not working when field/group was under minimum.

Live Preview (v1.4.3)

Media Library (v1.2.7)

  • Added additional logging when a file fails to upload.
  • Added gpml_delete_entry_files_from_media_library filter to allow filtering whether files imported into the Media library should be deleted when their corresponding entry is deleted.
  • Updated error processing to allow single import failures. Previously import would fail for all images if any image failed.
  • Fixed issue where files that failed import were deleted.
  • Fixed issue where Media Library files were not correctly attached to Gravity Forms notifications.

Multi-page Navigation (v1.0.7)

  • Added support for custom page links outside of Gravity Forms implemented via the WC GF Product Add-ons plugin.

Nested Forms (v1.0-beta-8.14)

  • Added support for Partial Entries add-on.
  • Updated Nested Forms field value method to ignore entries with alphanumeric IDs.
  • Fixed issue where deleting a child entry from from the modal’s delete button failed to delete the child entry.
  • Fixed potential recursion with handle_nested_forms_markup filter.
  • Fixed various issues with AJAX-enabled forms. (#14)
  • Fixed issue where AJAX-enabled parent forms caused modal to fail to close after submitting a child form.
  • Fixed issue where {Parent} merge tag wouldn’t work in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where some strings displayed in the child form modal were not localized.
  • Fixed issue where {Parent} merge tag wouldn’t work on certain multi-page forms.
  • Fixed issue where GF Encrypted Fields was removing child entry meta resulting in child entries that were not property connected with their parent.
  • Fixed issue where using global namespace removed events from previously initialized instances of Nested Forms.
  • Fixed issue where Post Category fields would not be re-populated with the correct value when editing a child entry.
  • Fixed issue where the GPNF session cookie wouldn’t be properly reset after editing a form with Nested Form fields in a GravityView.
  • Fixed issue where child entries added when editing an entry with a GravityView view would not be assigned to the parent form.

Page Transitions (v1.0-beta1.14) Early Access

  • Fixed issue where hitting enter would navigate to the previous page.

Populate Anything (v1.0-beta-3.37)

  • Added support for using Live Merge Tags in select fields/inputs.
  • Added security enhancements with the “Users” object type on multisite. User object type queries are now limited to the current blog rather than the whole network. This behavior can be modified by using the “gppa_object_type_user_limit_to_current_site” filter.
  • Added new ‘gppa_object_type_properties’ and ‘gppa_object_type_properties_OBJECTTYPE’ filters.
  • Added support for Gravity Flow’s Form Connector add-on. (#25)
  • Added support for populating Time fields and Date fields using the “Date Drop Down” Input Type.
  • Updated “Database” object type to be a restricted object type. Restricted object types can only be set up in the Form Editor by a super admin. This can be overridden using the “gppa_object_type_restricted_database” filter.
  • Updated hydrate_initial_load to run on gform_pre_render with a priority of 8 instead of 10 to improve compatibility with other perks such as GF Limit Choices.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags would not work in fields on multipage forms with certain setups.
  • Fixed issue where initial load failed to populate GPPA-enabled fields filtered by GF-shortcode-populated field.
  • Fixed issue with Live Merge Tags sometimes returning the wrong value on initial load if there are multiple (or nested) forms on a page.
  • Fixed issue where GP Populate Anything would not populate a field if the returned value from an object is “0”.
  • Fixed conflict with Post Object Type and Automattic’s Advanced Post Caching plugin.
  • Fixed issue where the “Range” setting would sometimes appear for the wrong field types in the Form Editor.
  • Removed deprecated modify_field_choices and modify_field_values methods.

Read Only (v1.3.11)

  • Fixed conflict where Conditional Logic Dates did not correctly evaluate rules for Datepicker fields when the Read Only had disabled the datepicker.
  • Fixed issue where Address selects were not set as readonly.


  1. Andrew Dreger
    Andrew Dreger November 7, 2019 at 11:10 am

    One update I am hoping to see for Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator is that it doesn’t calculate until the date and/or time fields are no longer blank. For example, a number field with the calculated number of days between 2 Date Fields yields a very strange result until both the Date Fields have values entered.


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