Gravity Wiz Weekly #89

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Greetings, wizards. πŸ™‚

We hope you’re safe and sound, isolated but not alone. We’ve been busy little wizards, keeping our noses in our codebooks, embracing Edison’s adage: “As a cure for worrying, work is better than whisky”. And boy do we have a whisky-barrel’s worth of work to report!


Shortcodes as merge tags!?
A Gravity Perks customer wanted to use the Gravity Forms’ Conditional Shortcode to show a message when his inventory was nearly exhausted to create some urgency. Better Inventory provides a shortcode for displaying the remaining inventory but you can’t pass a shortcode value to the Conditional Shortcode for evaluation… except you can if that shortcode can be parsed as a merge tag!

Click through to any page when editing a multi-page form entry.
Combine the easiest way to edit an entry on the frontend with our Multi-page Navigation add-on to make editing entries even breezier.

Scope Limit Submission feeds to the current Nested Forms parent entry.
Want to prevent users from entering the same person twice in a given Nested Form field? We’ve got an easy solution for you.

Gravity Perks

Conditional Pricing (v1.2.40)

  • Fixed issue where pricing rules based on Single Product Quantity were removed when editing pricing rules.

Date Time Calculator (v1.0-beta-4.3)

  • Updated max delta for calculation warnings from 0.001 to 0.009.
  • Fixed issue where Date Time Calculator would deregister other tooltips in the form editor.

eCommerce Fields (v1.0.40)

  • Added support for showing formatted value when fetched via the GFAddon::get_value_entry_detail() method.
  • Fixed notices generated when updating an entry (via the GF entry update screen) with a calculation-enabled field containing a GPECF merge tag.

Nested Forms (v1.0-beta-8.46)

  • Added accessibility enhancements with an emphasis on navigability.
  • Added gppa_child_entry_max to allow accepting more (or less) entries in a Nested Form field.
  • Updated the method used to get the current GravityView entry being edited. (#16)
  • Fixed issue where orphaned child entries were not expired on the expected schedule due to double buffering of the entry expiration modifier.
  • Fixed fatal error introduced in 1.0-beta-8.43.
  • Fixed issue where GPPA disabled submit button but modal buttons were still clickable resulting in a child form that would fail to submit.
  • Fixed noticed caused by check for $_GET property that may not be present.

Populate Anything (v1.0-beta-4.47)

  • Added additional integration requests from Gravity Flow.
  • Added support for MySQL views.
  • Added support for populating Single Product fields. (#39)
  • Added FORMID/FIELDID support and a new $field parameter to gppa_query_limit.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved security with Live Merge Tags and added accompanying gppa_lmt_whitelist filter.
  • Updated “No Results” and “Fill Out Other Fields” choices to not be selected by default.
  • Updated dynamic choice population visualizations (in the form editor).
  • Fixed issue caused by race conditional where tabbing quickly through a form could prevent some live merge tags from updating. (#29)
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tag loading indicators were not applied. 
  • Fixed issue where population failed when page was loaded as HTTP but admin was forced to HTTPS.
  • Fixed issue where filtering by taxonomy was inconsistent due to discrepancy between the term ID and the taxonomy term ID.
  • Fixed notice generated when GPPA passed fake entry without a currency property.
  • Fixed issue where switching from a dynamically populated choice field in the Form Editor to a static choice-based field would revert the static choices to the default.
  • Fixed issue when populating multiple values into a Checkbox field. (#42)

Unique ID (v1.3.19)

  • Added logging when unique ID is generated and saved to field.

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