Introducing Gravity Shop Product Configurator

A new product line, our first product, and a one-week discount to celebrate the occasion. Say hello to Gravity Shop Product Configurator — and customizable WooCommerce products powered by Gravity Forms!

Gravity Forms, with its robust ecosystem, allows you to build anything. And using WooCommerce, you can sell anything. But together, things get messy. Existing plugins have become bloated and complex. Product configurators are limited in fields and functionality. Few have real form builders. 

Why can’t we have both? The control and customization of Gravity Forms, with advanced eCommerce checkouts, shipping, reporting, and more?

Having grown frustrated with what’s out there, we set out to build something that felt native. No clunk. No hacks. Just everything you love about Gravity Forms, with the power of the best eCommerce platform, WooCommerce.

We’re ready to spill! It’s called Gravity Shop Product Configurator.

Read on to see what it’s all about — including the launch offer we’re running for the next week!

Customizable WooCommerce products powered by Gravity Forms.

Introducing Gravity Shop Product Configurator

Gravity Shop Product Configurator (GSPC) lets you create highly customizable products using Gravity Forms, and embed them in WooCommerce product pages. Everything you love about our ecosystem, with the capabilities of WooCommerce, in your pocket. 

How does it work? 

  1. Embed a Gravity Form into a WooCommerce product page.
  2. Customize that form to create configurable product offerings.
  3. When users interact with your forms (i.e. products), purchase events match natively between both platforms.

Maybe your business workflow already exists in Gravity Forms, and you need advanced eCommerce functionality. Or, you simply need more control over WooCommerce products. In either situation, GSPC is ready to make your life much easier.

A native app for both ecosystems

Product Configurator is designed from the ground up to adhere as closely as possible with both WooCommerce and Gravity Forms APIs. The result is a product that Just Works™ with core WooCommerce and Gravity Forms functionality as well as most plugins in both ecosystems

Now, Gravity Forms core functionality like conditional logic, honeypot, AJAX support, multi-page forms, file uploads, and everything else comes with you into your WooCommerce product pages. 

What kind of best-of-both-worlds features can you expect?

  • WooCommerce-aware conditional logic in your forms. 
  • Full control of the product description in the cart, checkout, and order details, including which captured entry data should be displayed.
  • Map form fields to your WooCommerce products so you can track dimensions or weight for shipping rate calculations with 3rd-party plugins, or file uploads to set product thumbnails that appear in the cart and order item summary. 

Wizardry meets Woo. 

GSPC’s integration with Gravity Forms is so tight that it opened the door to deep integrations with our suite of Gravity Perks, automatically. We’re still testing our nearly 50 plugins, so here’s a few mouth-watering examples:

  • Create beautiful, animated multi-page product forms with GP Page Transitions.
  • Bulk pricing, early bird discounts, rush fees, and other forms of quantity-based pricing with GP Conditional Pricing.
  • Dynamically populate product images and live order summaries with GP Populate Anything.
  • Send product order information between WooCommerce, Google Sheets, and Gravity Forms via Populate Anything and GP Google Sheets

Expect native integrations with your favorite perks. 

Linked from start to finish: entry, cart, checkout

Product Configurator connects Gravity Forms entries with cart items from the moment a cart is updated, through to purchase, and beyond. By using the same entries for all checkout steps and dynamically loading entry data from them, GSPC ensures predictability, reliability, and compatibility with add-ons in the Gravity Forms ecosystem — and elsewhere!

Imagine sending Gravity Forms notifications for WooCommerce events like updating a cart, refunding an order, and completing a payment, or scheduling these using GP Notification Scheduler. Hello abandoned cart campaigns. 💭

Introducing Gravity Shop

With Product Configurator, we’re branching into the world of WooCommerce. It’s kind of a big deal for us! Let’s talk about some questions you may have. 

What is Gravity Shop?

Gravity Shop is our new product line where we’ll be exploring incredible ways to bring the flexibility of Gravity Forms to the eCommerce powerhouse of WooCommerce. Our first product in this new product line is GS Product Configurator.

How does this impact Gravity Perks?

In no way whatsoever. We still have a beefy roadmap of new perks and features coming to the Gravity Perks suite. We’re already hiring new staff and plan to hire more to ensure both product lines are well supported and actively developed.

Does my Gravity Perks license include GS Product Configurator?

No. Gravity Shop is a separate product line and GS Product Configurator is specific to Gravity Shop. Gravity Perks will still be receiving regular updates and new perks separate from Gravity Shop.

How much does it cost?

Unlike Gravity Perks, Gravity Shop products are sold individually. They’re part of the same product line but not part of the same package. We will almost certainly offer a bundle with all Gravity Shop products once new products are introduced. 

See the full pricing, along with a special limited time offer, below.

Save up to 30% for the next week

We’re offering discounts on each plan: 10% off Basic, 20% off Advanced, and 30% off Pro. 

See the standard pricing below, with discounts beside each.

  • Basic: $99 $89 → 1 sites 
  • Advanced: $199 $159 → 3 sites
  • Pro: $399 $280 → 30 sites

Use coupon GSPCLAUNCH at checkout. This offer ends Monday, August 7th.

Ready to launch your WooCommerce products into space?

Gravity Shop Product Configurator is available now. To get access, head over to the docs!

PS — want an extensive crash course on Product Configurator? Check out our most recent Wizarding Workshop!


  1. AK
    AK December 3, 2023 at 8:37 am

    Is it possible to add values inputted in a form field dynamically to the product image in some way for a visual representation. For example a name input in GF can be added to the product image dynamically in a specific area with styling? And if user change another value let’s say font, they can view the font changing on the image.

    1. David Smith
      David Smith Staff December 3, 2023 at 3:47 pm

      This isn’t currently possible but we’re actively tracking demand for this concept, essentially creating “proofs” or previews of a final product. I’ve added your vote!

  2. Răzvan Băicoianu
    Răzvan Băicoianu September 7, 2023 at 10:21 am

    Will this product line allow to transform woocommerce products into bookings and will it help design a one-page-checkout website? That would absolutely awesome because it would save me from using multiple other plugins for achieving this. Thnz!

    1. Matt Andrews
      Matt Andrews Staff September 7, 2023 at 12:30 pm

      Hi Răzvan,

      You could use GS Product Configurator to create a simple booking system with WooCommerce by using it with our GP Inventory and GP Limit Dates perks. This would allow customers to select the date for their booking using the form, and dates will become unavailable when the inventory is exhausted.

      We don’t currently have a solution to replace the WooCommerce checkout with a Gravity Form to create a one-page checkout, but I’ll pass this on to our product manager as a feature request.


    1. Samuel Bassah
      Samuel Bassah Staff August 8, 2023 at 10:14 am

      Hi Matthew,

      Are you asking if this is possible with our Gravity Shop Product Configurator plugin? If so, then yes, this should be possible. The setup you have is already using Populate Anything to display the values in the table, and if the setup requires advanced formulas, our GP Advanced Calculations Perk may work for that.

      If you have any questions or need help setting it up, send us a message via our support form, so we can assist you further.


  3. Doug Smith
    Doug Smith August 4, 2023 at 12:56 pm

    If I’m integrating with external systems for inventory or shipping, what would get passed onto those systems for a configured product? Would it be a single product, or multiple line items for the options, etc.? Also, what about the product SKU?

    1. Clay Griffiths
      Clay Griffiths Staff August 4, 2023 at 3:34 pm

      Hi Doug,

      Regarding shipping, we offer the ability to map certain fields to the dimensions of the product, as well as the weight. This means you can plug it directly into whatever extension you’re using for shipping to charge more for larger/heavier packages.

      Regarding passing multiple line items, the product options will show in the cart, checkout, backend, receipt, etc., but they won’t have individual SKUs. We looked into this, but WooCommerce really wants products/variations to be created for SKUs, so we’re still doing research here.

      That said, we have tentative plans for the next plugin in the Gravity Shop product line to be for bundling products dynamically using Gravity Forms. This way, if you have products/variations already set up in WooCommerce, you can use a Gravity Form to populate the cart with the selected products (e.g., parts for a PC, bike, etc.). We’d then make it possible to use this new plugin to work alongside Product Configurator.

    1. Scott Ryer
      Scott Ryer Staff August 4, 2023 at 11:04 am

      Hi Mitchell,

      While the sale is still happening, discounts are applied to upgrades. After the sale ends, upgrades will be normal price.

  4. Julie Duran
    Julie Duran August 3, 2023 at 4:14 pm

    Hi Mike, Using Woo, I haven’t found a solution to allow products only for state = “X”. Will the GF unconditional logic allow using Woo fields? Thanks for your help. j

    1. Clay Griffiths
      Clay Griffiths Staff August 4, 2023 at 3:43 pm

      Hi Julie,

      We don’t offer conditional logic based on what’s in the checkout form if that’s what you’re referring to. However, you could always add an Address field (with only the state input visible) on the product page using Product Configurator. Then, you can use conditional logic to hide/show pricing fields depending on what state is selected.

      If you want to control what choices are available in a field with choices, you could take the value of what’s in the Address field’s state input to determine what choices to populate using Populate Anything.

    1. Samuel Bassah
      Samuel Bassah Staff August 1, 2023 at 9:25 am

      Hi Mike,

      We do not have an unlimited site license. The highest plan is the Pro license, which covers 30 site usage.


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