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sarching through the world's music with gravity forms advanced select

AlbumBlitz: Searching Through the World’s Music with Advanced Select

Elle Dulaney is cataloging the world’s music in one place. With 40,000 albums already, she turned to Advanced Select to make them searchable.

how to build a simple job board using gravity forms

How to Build a Simple Job Board with Gravity Forms

Learn how to build a job board using Gravity Forms and more efficiently manage the application process, display and filter job listings, and customize applicant follow-up.

gravity forms raffle or lottery

How to Build a Raffle or Lottery Event using Gravity Forms

Learn how to build the perfect raffle, lottery, or prize-based system using Gravity Forms, with one winning ticket or multiple. Then, take it further with discounts, data exports, and more.

How to Filter Checkboxes by Checkboxes using Dynamic Population

Use Checkbox selections to filter other Checkboxes on your form. Example: turn a customer’s selection of yoga class times into that customer’s preferred times.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 133

Notification Scheduler: now with unsubscribe, entry notes, and power filters. Plus, Inventory levels up, and (so much) more.

Complete Guide to Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA and Gravity Forms Spam

Everything you need to know about spam prevention using Gravity Forms, including how to use reCAPTCHA and other tools.

Complete Guide to Gravity Forms Login (Auto Login, Activate Users, More!)

Learn how to enhance the login and user registration experience on your site using Gravity Perks and other tools!