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Notification Scheduler: now with unsubscribe, entry notes, and power filters. Plus, Inventory levels up, and (so much) more.

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Greetings, wizards!

We have a big problem at Gravity Wiz right now… 

We’re simply creating too much Gravity Forms content to share on a weekly basis. That might be a half-wand of a humblebrag, but honestly, the problem is only getting “worse.” 😆

No matter! We don’t plan on slowing down so please secure your spectacles and fasten your pointy hats. We’ve got another action-packed newsletter starting… now!

Notification Scheduler 1.1 – Unsubscribe, Entry Notes, Power Filters.

Notification Scheduler gives you the power of perfect timing but it’s important to give your recipients the power of saying “No, thank you.”

Version 1.1 introduces support for unsubscribe links in your scheduled notifications, powered by the new {unsubscribe_link} merge tag. If you’re using Notification Scheduler to market to your users and create drip campaigns, we recommend including an unsubscribe link to stay compliant with anti-spam laws.

notification scheduler 1.1 email unsubscribe

You can manage your unsubscribe list via the new Notification Scheduler settings page. Manually unsubscribe emails as needed or resubscribe an email when a recipient accidentally unsubscribes.

We’re also minding our manners in 1.1, using our quietest library voices in your entry notes. Rather than adding our own note each time a scheduled notification is processed, we append a small “via Notification Scheduler” message to any note originating from a scheduled notification. We do add a separate note if a notification cannot be scheduled/sent due to the recipient being unsubscribed. This will come in handy as you’re tracking the deliverability of your emails! 

gravity forms notification scheduler entry notes

Lastly, we’ve introduced a number of powerful filters that allow you to alter some of Notification Scheduler’s default behaviors with very little code.

  • The gpns_schedule_timestamp filter gives you complete control of a notification’s schedule. Here’s an example where we schedule a recurring notification to always send on the last day of the month.
  • The gpns_unsubscribe_url_args filter provides an easy way to indicate how the unsubscribe link should work. Only want to unsubscribe the recipient from a specific notification series or all notifications on a particular form? Just change the “scope” parameter accordingly.
  • If you’re looking to further customize your unsubscribe UX, use gpns_unsubscribe_link_text to modify the default unsubscribe link text or gpns_unsubscribe_confirmation to tweak the unsubscribe confirmation message.

Ready to send perfectly-timed notifications?

Surefire Features

Duplicate Feeds with Limit Submissions – Spend less time creating similar feeds with minor differences. Instead, create one feed and use it as a base for the others, duplicating it as many times as you need.

If you’re not familiar with Limit Submissions, it’s the only way to limit who, what, when, where, and how many times your Gravity Forms can be submitted. Its flexibility is… unlimited. 😅

Custom Templates for Google Sheets with Populate Anything – Did you know you can populate your forms with data directly from Google Sheets? Our free Google Sheets add-on for Populate Anything is the key! 

Now, you can customize how your Google Sheets data is displayed using Populate Anything’s custom value templates. 🤯

Inventory Levels Up to Beta 2 – Gravity Forms Inventory is the easiest and most flexible way to manage any kind of inventory for Gravity Forms. This week, we’ve released a chill Beta 2 for Gravity Forms Inventory with two cool enhancements. 🥶

First, you can now include the inventory limit in your available inventory messages (e.g. 3 of 10 spots left). This is a great way to generate a sense of scarcity and urgency when customers are on the fence about smashing the buy button.

Second, the Scoped Inventory type has received an enchanting UX improvement. Previously, an AJAX request was submitted immediately after the form was loaded to refresh the available inventory based on the default field values. No more! The form loads with the correct inventory based on the scope of the default values.

Gravity Perks. Now powering… eSports. 🧑‍💻

There’s a different kind of athleticism on the rise. It takes place behind a desk, on a chair. 

United States eSports Academy turns gamers into keyboard warriors. They offer live coaching that connects players with pros in their game of choice — games like Dota 2, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Fifa, and Halo. 

They were in need of an online system for connecting players with coaches to deliver one-on-one guidance. So, they turned to East of Eden, an SME agency with over a decade in the WordPress arena. 

East of Eden reached out to us when they were looking for a Gravity Forms setup that allowed them to query their own databases in real-time for coaching availability, so they could, among other things, update user-facing forms when a coach wasn’t available. 

We were able to come up with an enchanting solution — inside, we provide a look behind the scenes at the perks involved.

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Submit to Access | Auto-access for Administrators — GF Submit to Access protects your valuable content by requiring the submission of a Gravity Form to gain access. One downside is that your administrators must also submit the form when they need to access the content. This week, we added a filter and wrote an accompanying snippet to grant administrators access automatically – no submission required!

Populate Anything | Populate from ACF Repeaters — On our quest to populate anything into Gravity Forms with Populate Anything, we wrote a free plugin that makes it possible to map data from Advanced Custom Fields Repeaters into your Gravity Forms choice fields. Watch this overview video where I show you how this works in about 3 minutes.

Inventory | Waiting List — Don’t turn away interested parties! Add them to your waiting list with this simple but helpful snippet for our Gravity Forms Inventory perk. When a choice’s inventory is exhausted, replace the available inventory message with a waiting list message. If a spot opens up, you can reach out to the user to secure their reservation. 

gravity forms inventory wait list feature

Gravity Perks

GP Better User Activation (v1.2.6)

  •  Added filter, gpbua_activation_page_id, to allow filtering the activation page ID.
  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.

GP Limit Dates (v1.1.9)

  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.
  • Fixed regression where having an empty minimum date could cause the form to lock up.
  • Fixed issue with GP Read Only where the Datepicker would be initialized more than once causing a flash of unstyled content when using Legacy Markup.

GP Limit Submissions (v1.0.8)

  • Added gpls_rule_type_choices filter to allow filtering available rule types.
  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.
  • Fixed fatal error that could occur if using Limit Submissions with Nested Forms and a parent form has a submission limit that’s met and a child form that has not yet met its submission limit.
  • Fixed issue where Limit Submission rules were not bypassed when editing existing entries with Gravity Flow User Input steps.
  • Fixed issue where field values that are left blank in a group would cause the submissions to not be limited.

GP Media Library (v1.2.23)

  • Added gpml_image_sizes to allow filtering image sizes on upload.
  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.

GP Nested Forms (v1.0.2)

  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.
  • Fixed issue where unnecessary whitespace could cause formatting issues when displaying the Add Entry button.
  • Fixed PHP notice on parent form submission.

GP Populate Anything (v1.1.16)

  • Added new “NULL” Special Value to use when filtering. It’s currently supported by the Database Object Type and can be used with the “is” and “is not” filter operators.
  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.
  • Fixed issue where the Database Object Type could not be ordered by columns with spaces in their names.

GP Read Only (v1.9.6)

  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.
  • Fixed issue where the markup generated by Read Only would not be correct for Date fields.

GP Notification Scheduler (v1.1)

  • Added new functionality for handling unsubscribing. See the Notification Scheduler documentation for usage details.
  • Updated how notification notes were added to better attribute them to Notification Scheduler.
  • Fixed issue where scheduling based off of date fields would use UTC rather than the timezone set in Settings » General.
  • Fixed issue where notifications scheduled using Date fields and attached to events such as Payment Failed would be scheduled even if the payment didn’t fail.
  • Fixed issue where notifications for events such as Payment Completed would be immediately sent as well as scheduled.

Alright, wizards. Until next week. 🧙🏻‍♂️

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