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    1. Change scope and unsubscribe success URL
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Filter the arguments used to build the unsubscribe URL.


Filter unsubscribe URL arguments for all unsubscribe URLs.

add_filter( 'gpns_unsubscribe_url_args', 'my_custom_function' );

Filter unsubscribe URL arguments for all unsubscribe URLs for a given form.

add_filter( 'gpns_unsubscribe_url_args_FORMID', 'my_custom_function' );

Filter unsubscribe URL arguments for a specific notification.

add_filter( 'gpns_unsubscribe_url_args_FORMID_NID', 'my_custom_function' );


  • unsubscribe_info array

    Settings used to construct the unsubscribe URL that will be sent in the Notification.

    • email string

      The email address to unsubscribe.

    • fid int

      The form ID that the current Notification belongs to.

    • nid string

      The current Notification’s ID.

    • scope string

      The scope of the unsubscribe action. Defaults to unsubscribing from all scheduled notifications. To unsubscribe the email from the current form’s scheduled notifications, change the scope to form_id. To unsubscribe from only the current notification, change scope to nid.

    • url string|null

      The URL to redirect to after unsubscribing. If left null, a generic unsubscribe page will be used.

  • entry array

    The current entry.

  • notification array

    The current notification.

  • email string

    The email address being unsubscribed.


Change scope and unsubscribe success URL

The following example will change the behavior of a specific notification’s unsubscribe URL to only be scoped to the current notification rather than all notification. It will also change the unsubscribe success URL for the specific notification.

As an example, if the URL is…


…the Form ID is 6 and the Notification ID is 62a750fe982af.

In the snippet, replace 123 with your Form ID and 1a23bc456def7 with your Notification ID.

 * Gravity Perks // Notification Scheduler // Change Scope and Unsubscribe Success URL
// Update "123" to the form ID and "1a23bc456def7" to the notification ID.
add_filter( 'gpns_unsubscribe_url_args_123_1a23bc456def7', function ( $unsubscribe_info ) {
	// Only unsubscribe from current notification
	$unsubscribe_info['scope'] = 'nid';

	// Change unsubscribe success URL.
	$unsubscribe_info['url'] = home_url( '/example-unsubscribe-page' );

	return $unsubscribe_info;
} );


This filter is available since Gravity Forms Notification Scheduler 1.1.