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We want your feedback on Gravity Wiz Weekly! Plus, reorder feeds with GP Google Sheets, mentions of the magical variety, prevent duplicate selections, and more.

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Greetings, wizards! 

Ok. Big question. We get a lot of positive feedback about this weekly newsletter – it’s hugely motivational in dedicating the time to it each week – but we’re hungry for critical feedback too. 

What could we do better with this newsletter?

If there’s something you don’t like, something you’d like to see more of, or something you’d like us to try, we want to hear about it. Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Speaking of feedback…

GP Google Sheets: Reorder Feeds

I can’t tell you how critical customer feedback is to the work we do. We pride ourselves on being nimble (think Gandalf hopping onto a horse) so when a customer suggests an easy feature we can add on the fly, we’re all over it.

This week, a customer (let’s call him Bilbo) had some complex client requirements (aren’t they all?) that necessitated creating quite a few GPGS feeds for the same form. Bilbo used conditional logic on each feed to direct entry data to the correct sheet. Afterwards, Bilbo casually mentioned how nice it would be if he could reorder his feeds for organization.

We wholeheartedly agreed!

reorder feeds with gravity forms google sheets

Bonus: If you’re using different feeds to map entry data to the same spreadsheet, this would also allow you to control the order those rows are added (e.g. primary contact first then secondary).

Mentions of a Magical Variety

Customer Philip Levine is doing 365 days of WordPress on Instagram. Gravity Perks is Day 29. Go see what Philip has to say about his Gravity Wiz experience and leave a comment about your own!
Conditional Pricing 2.0 continues to delight customers. Importing thousands of pricing rules has never been easier. On a personal note, it’s been really gratifying to see how well this release has been received. 😄
We’re going to be ramping up our video content this year. More product overviews, walkthroughs, guides, and more! We’re looking for a contractor to help us pave the way forward. If you’re interested, reach out!

New Resources

Prevent Duplicate Selections

You may recall that we recently updated Advanced Select to support this handy snippet which allows you to prevent the same choice from being selected across multiple fields. 

Well, this week we’ve updated this snippet to work with Populate Anything. Fields whose choices are filtered by the values selected in other fields are dynamically updated via AJAX. Now, this snippet correctly applies even when a field’s markup is refreshed.

prevent duplicate selections with gravity forms advanced select

Case-sensitive Database Filters

By default, Populate Anything filters are case-insensitive. That’s not to say that GPPA doesn’t care. It just likes to be inclusive. 🤗

In some scenarios, however, like when you’re looking up a user-entered raffle or coupon codes to see if it exists, you need it to be a little more precise.

This snippet will give you that precision by making filters case-sensitive for the Database object type. If you need this for other object types, let us know. 🙏

Capture Full Address in a Single Input

Powered by Address Autocomplete, this snippet allows you to capture a full address in a single input, while still capturing each individual piece of the address in a hidden Address field.

This week, we updated the snippet to require a selection from the list of GPAA’s autocomplete suggestions. This prevents users from accidentally altering the address after they’ve selected it or deliberately entering a fake address.

capture full address in single input with address autocomplete

Product Updates

GP Advanced Phone Field (v1.0.21)

  • Updated intl-tel-input from  version 17.0.21 to 18.5.3.
  • Fixed issue where regionless phone number (such as those starting with 800 or 844) would fail validation on multi-page forms.
  • Fixed regression where automatic country selection was not working.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.75)

  • Fixed an issue where copying List fields in a multi-page form could result in List field values reverting.

GP Easy Passthrough (v1.9.29)

  • Fixed issue where providing a value of more than 30 minutes with the gpep_expiration filter hook would not work as expected.

GP eCommerce Fields (v1.2.27)

  • Fixed issue where frontend tax calculations did not match backend tax calculations under certain conditions.

GP Google Sheets (v1.1.9)

  • Added support for reordering GP Google Sheets feeds.

GP Nested Forms (v1.1.49)

  • Fixed issue with passing child entry IDs to Nested Form fields using a query string.
  • Fixed PHP 8.2 deprecation notice.

GP Populate Anything (v2.0.31)

  • Fixed issue where Populate Anything could conflict with the Elementor editor.
  • Fixed PHP error if using GF Image Choices 1.4.12 or newer.
  • Fixed issue where GP Nested Forms {Parent} merge tags could show the raw merge tag instead of an emptry string if used inside a Live Merge Tag.
  • Fixed PHP deprecation notice.
  • Fixed regression where editing entries with dynamically populated choices using the Entry Details edit screen would not persist the saved choices in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with the Email field type’s Confirm Email input not populating if set to do so.

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