Gravity Wiz Weekly 222

Join us April 11th for a workshop on Entry Blocks! Plus, Block IP ranges with Blocklist, use fewer words with Pay Per Word, add a current time button, and other tasty highlights.

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Greetings, wizards! 

Welcome to Issue 222 and the first weekly of Q2. Coincidence? Most likely. But you can never be too sure with wizards. 😉

Workshop IX: Unlock Entry Blocks

workshop ix entry blocks cover

We’ve been so busy wizarding we haven’t made time for workshopping. Let’s change that!

Join us next Thursday, April 11th at 1pm EST for a deep dive into all things Entry Blocks. If you’re looking for the fastest (and most flexible) way to display (and edit) your entry data on the frontend, your search is over. This workshop is the map, the adventure, and the treasure all in one.

Block IP Ranges with Blocklist

Prevent form submissions containing specific words, phrases, emails, or IP addresses – powered by WordPress’s own blocklist setting.

GP Blocklist is a quiet little plugin that packs a real punch. We took off the boxing gloves this week and added support for blocking entire IP address ranges (specified in CIDR notation).

CIDR notation is some seriously nerdy stuff but the TL;DR is that it’s a fast and effective way to block all IP addresses within a specific range.

Example: would block all IPs between and You can add as many ranges as you need. Gnarly!

Pay Per Word: Now Supports Fewer Words!

Calculate a cost based on word count with a live-updating price. Includes support for setting a minimum price for an initial number of words.

Wait… fewer words?

Let me explain. Most folks using this plugin are charging for pay-as-you-go content submissions like translations, job postings, and ad placements. The default support for Paragraph and Post Body fields works well for this kind of bulk content collection.

But some adventurers need to charge for smaller word counts (like jewelry engravings, custom fortune cookies, or short-form classified ads) where the total word count would be much smaller. In these cases, a Paragraph field was overkill.

Pay Per Word now supports Single Line Text fields. And you can enable any other text-based field type with the new gpppw_applicable_field_types PHP filter. 

Sometimes less is more. 😄

More Changelog Highlights

GF Code ChestThe easiest way to include custom code for your forms received a fix this week to prevent commas in your custom CSS from creating syntax errors on display.

GP File Upload ProOur professional file and image uploader that feels like magic can now be displayed in German. Thank you, Florian Rinnhofer of!

GS Product Configurator – Gravity-Forms-powered WooCommerce products have never been easier and this week, you can send distinct notifications when the order has been paid for and when the order has been fulfilled.

New Resources

Current Time Button

We’re all trying to save a little time. This snippet does just that by appending an “Insert Current Time” button to Time fields that populates the current time when clicked. This is useful when you’re capturing start and end times for time cards or any other form where you’re collecting a check-in or check-out time.

See Full Option Labels in Populate Anything Settings

Populate Anything truncates really long option labels when you’re configuring filters and value/label templates. This is super helpful 97.3% of the time but if you’re dealing with lots of options that are awfully similar, sometimes the unique part of the option can get truncated.

Use this snippet to reveal the full option labels and discover that your school teacher wasn’t just flattering you. You really are one-of-a-kind. 😊

Disable Conditional Logic when Editing via Entry Blocks

You may have complex conditional logic configured to guide your users through a complex form but when editing a submitted entry (via Entry Blocks) as an admin, there’s a good chance you want to see the full form in all its sophisticated glory.

This snippet is the ticket. It’ll remove conditional logic from all fields so you can make changes regardless of which selections were previously made on the form.

Product Updates

GS Product Configurator (1.0-beta-2.6)

  • Updated notification events to better map to WooCommerce statuses. “WooCommerce Order Completed” has been split into “WooCommerce Payment Processing (Paid)” and “WooCommerce Order Completed (Fulfilled).”
  • Fixed an issue where the product info wouldn’t be generated until viewing an entry in the admin. This could cause issues such as the regular price showing in the admin rather than the sale price if the sale ended at the time of viewing the product.

GF Code Chest (v1.0.2)

  • Fixed issue where CSS comments containing a comma would be prefixed incorrectly, which could cause syntax errors in the CSS.

GP Advanced Calculations (v1.0.19)

  • Fixed issue where max() and min() could calculate as 0 during submission if only given one parameter.

GP Advanced Phone Field (v1.0.24)

GP Advanced Select (v1.1.4)

  • Updated dependency to fix an issue where lazy loaded options would not respect the limit selections snippet.
  • Fixed issue where lazy-loaded fields could be disabled on initial load when they should not be.

GP Blocklist (v1.3.7)

  • Added support for blocking form submissions with CIDR notation.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.77)

  • Fixed issue where prepopulated data would not populate into a List field when a form is loaded.

GP Date Time Calculator (1.0-beta-4.18)

  • Fixed issue where Date and Time fields did not show in the merge tag dropdown for calculation formulas after a change in Gravity Forms 2.8.2. A hook was added in Gravity Forms 2.8.6 to allow us to re-add it.

GP File Upload Pro (v1.3.15)

  • Added German translations. Credit: Florian Rinnhofer of

GP Nested Forms (v1.1.54)

  • Fixed issue with editing child entries in GravityView when the child form is outside its schedule.

GP Pay Per Word (v1.2.1)

  • Added gpppw_applicable_field_types PHP filter hook to allow modifying the supported field types.
  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.

GP Populate Anything (v2.0.37)

  • Added gppa_form_editor_max_string_length JavaScript filter hook to customize truncation in the Form Editor for properties, filters, etc.
  • Fixed issue with where Multi Select field values would sometimes only return the first selected choice when used as a value template in non-choice-based fields.
  • Fixed an issue with Live Merge Tags in field labels where they would have inconsistent gaps with the rest of the text in the label when using the GF Theme Framework/Orbital.

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