Redirect to Referrer URL after Gravity Form Submission

Capture the URL from which the user just arrived then redirect them back to that URL on form submission.

Submit a Gravity Form to Access Content

This plugin provides a simple way to protect your content, requiring the visitor to submit a form in order to gain access.

Create Dynamic Post Excerpts with Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms provides an awesome option to create a “Content Template” for the Post Title and Post Body fields; however, the lowly Post Excerpt feel …

GP Copy Cat 1.2.1 Released

This is a significant release for this simple, powerful plugin. It marks the first public release of a series of behind-the-scenes updates. If you’re not …

How to Generate and Validate a Reference Number for Gravity Forms with GP Unique ID

Generate a reference number on Form A and require this reference number on Form B in order to submit the form.

Require an Existing Value for Submission with Gravity Forms

Ensure that a value entered in Form B has been previously submitted (or generated) on Form A. This is useful if you’re generating a reference number of some sort on Form A and would like the user to enter it on Form B.

GP Preview Submission 1.1 Now Available

GP Preview Submission 1.1 is now available to Gravity Perks license holders. This new version provides much-requested support for multi-file upload fields. For those not …

Creating Coupons for GF Coupons Add-on with Gravity Forms

Dynamically create coupon codes for Gravity Forms which can be provided to the user for use on a subsequent form.

Numbering Gravity Forms List Field Rows

Download a quick bit of code to automatically add numbers to your List field rows in Gravity Forms.

Rename Uploaded Files For Gravity Forms

Rename uploaded files for Gravity Forms. You can create a static naming template or using merge tags to base names on user input.

Gravity Perks is Ready for Gravity Forms 1.9

Gravity Perks (and all individual perks) are now ready for Gravity Forms 1.9! We’ve gone through each plugin and made sure that there were no …

Disable Autocomplete for Gravity Forms

Disable autocomplete for your Gravity Forms with this copy-and-paste snippet.

Assign A User Role Based On Email Domain With Gravity Forms

Use multiple User Registration feeds to assign different user roles based on the submitted email domain.

Shortcode: Display Number of Entries Submitted

Extends the [gravityforms] shortcode, providing a custom action to retrieve the total entry count for a given form. Also supports retrieving entry counts by entry status (i.e. “trash”, “spam”, “unread”, “starred”).

Gravity Forms Coupons: Exclude Shipping

Exclude the shipping price when calculating coupon discounts with the Gravity Forms Coupons add-on.