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Gravity Forms Blocklist

Validate a field’s value against the WordPress Disallowed Comment Keys validation.

Gravity Forms Email Users

Send personalized emails to users who have filled out a form.

Gravity Forms Multi-Page Navigation

Enhanced navigation for multi-page forms.

Gravity Forms Read Only

Configure applicable form fields to be set to a read only state so that they are visible but not editable.

Gravity Forms PayPal One-time Fee

Add a one-time fee to the first payment of a PayPal Standard subscription.

Gravity Forms Disable Entry Creation

Automatically delete a Gravity Forms entry and any associated files after the form is submitted.

Gravity Forms Auto Login

Automatically login a user after they have registered on your website via a Gravity Form

Gravity Forms Word Count

Easily limit how many words can be submitted in a given field with support for a minimum and maximum.

Gravity Forms Preview Submission

Add a simple submission preview to your forms to provide users an opportunity to confirm the information they’ve entered is correct and confirm their submission.

Gravity Forms Price Range

Specify a minimum and maximum price range for User Defined Price product fields.

Gravity Forms Conditional Pricing

Create flexible and powerful pricing levels for your Gravity Form Product fields based on conditional values in your form.

Gravity Forms Reload Form

Include a special link in your AJAX-enabled form’s confirmation message that will reload the form to allow additional submissions without a page refresh!

Gravity Forms Limit Choices

Limit how many times each choice on a multi-choice field may be selected.

Gravity Forms Unique ID

Generate alphanumeric, numeric or sequential “Unique ID” values for the entry when submitted. Applications are endless!

Gravity Forms Terms Of Service

Add a “Terms of Service” field to your form and require full scroll and checkbox agreement.