Gravity Wiz Weekly #156

On the menu: Email Users 2.0 gets redesigned from the ground up, pondering the deepest philosophical conundrums with Reload Form 2.1, and plenty of other Gravity Forms magic.

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Greetings, wizards! 

Would you like to learn a spell to make old things new? Repeat after me:

Vicissim aetas! 🪄

Wondering if it worked? Read this newsletter and I think you’ll agree, it worked very well, indeed!

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Email Users 2.0 – Redesigned and Redefined

We’ve got a laboratory full of new perks in the works but we took a break from those projects this week to give one of our oldest, most faithful perks some dedicated TLC.

Gravity Forms Email Users is the absolute fastest way to communicate with your form users on the fly. Just select your form, write your message, and your emails are being delivered faster than you can say, “I really don’t need an expensive CRM for this.”

Email Users 2.0 has been redesigned from the ground up, reconstructed on top of the robust Gravity Forms add-on framework, and it’s packed with exciting new features!

email users 2.0

Filter Recipients – Use conditional logic to filter which users will receive your email based on the values captured in their submission. Multiple conditions are supported.

📝 Rich Text Editor – Craft perfectly formatted email messages with the new rich text editor. What you see is what you get. And the getting is good.

🧐 Email Previews – See the exact email that will be sent to each recipient before you hit send. Spot-check a few or go crazy and review them all. 

Save Your Draft – Never lose an email-in-progress with the new “Save Draft” feature. Finish that perfect message with a fresh pair of eyes in the morning. Your draft will be waiting for you. 

Reload Form 2.1 – The Hamlet Option

Gravity Forms Reload Form does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to reload your forms, by clicking a link in the confirmation or automatically after a specified delay, and without refreshing the page.

If you’re using forms for data entry, check-ins, or in modals, this pragmatic perk will streamline your workflow perfectly.

This week, GF Reload Form got a fresh new feature that presents Shakespeare’s most philosophical conundrum:

“To preserve values on reload, or not to preserve values on reload, that is the question.”

With Reload Form 2.1, you decide the answer per form with a handy option right in the Form Settings. 

reload form 2.1

When enabled, the previously submitted values will be reloaded with the form. Disable this option to reload your form with a fresh start.

Question of the Week

…is returning next week but we wanted to share last week’s results:

question of the week snippet to full featured perk

This was our highest engagement yet with over 200 votes. And just look at those results! The top four resources were all within 10 votes of each other. 

I think next week’s question may have something to do with Auto Save & Continue. 😉

Spotlight: Using Unique ID to Help Power Your Team’s Finances 

how anm powers internal finances with gp unique id

Have you considered Gravity Forms as an option for managing your team’s expenses?

Christopher Bortz, Director of all things cloud at Advancing Native Missions, uses Gravity Forms (with the help of GP Unique ID) to manage everything from expense reimbursement to project disbursement requests.

What makes this spotlight exciting: Christopher also utilizes a Unique ID snippet for retroactively populating form submissions (he had thousands of existing entries), and he customized the snippet himself.

“The snippet as I tweaked it worked great and saved at least 20 man-hours that would have been required to manually set the unique sequential id of nearly 10,000 forms.”

Learn more about GP Unique ID and how Christopher made it happen:


Pay Per Word? Nah, Pay Per Character. – Even old wizards can learn new tricks. Community member, Jan Storm, taught us how to account for a wider variety of characters when counting a string. Use this updated snippet to count (and charge for) the number of characters entered, rather than the number of words with Pay Per Word.

Populate Anything + Simply Schedule Appointments – We always do our best to find a solution for our customers, even when 3rd-party products are involved. This week, a customer found that Populate Anything’s Live Merge Tags didn’t work for the Simple Schedule Appointments field. So we wrote a snippet. Check it out!

PS – If you’re looking for basic appointment bookings and want to keep it en suite (the Gravity Perks suite, that is), make sure to explore what Gravity Forms Inventory can do.

Set Choice Field as Read Only Dynamically – This snippet for GF Read Only continues to grow in popularity and functionality. This week, we added support for only marking a Populate-Anything-populated field as readonly if the value being populated matched an existing choice in the field. This only applies to choice-based fields like Drop Downs, Checkboxes, and Radio Buttons.

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Gravity Perks

GP Advanced Calculations (v1.0.5)

  • Fixed issue where shorthands in formulas would not work as expected if multiple formulas used the same shorthand field variable.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.56)

  • Fixed issue with List fields not properly removing rows in target List fields if using newer form markup versions.

GP Easy Passthrough (v1.9.15)

  • Added $source_field as a fourth parameter to the gpep_target_field_value filter.

GP Nested Forms (v1.0.27)

  • Improved support for {Parent} merge tags referencing the parent entry details such as {Parent:entry_id} when set to a field’s default value and sent in notifications.

GP Page Transitions (v1.0-beta-2.3)

  • Added support for soft validating Chained Select fields.
  • Fixed issue where conditionally shown fields would not always trigger Auto-progression.

GP Reload Form (v2.1)

  •  Added new setting to toggle preserving values from previous submissions.

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