Gravity Wiz Weekly 198

Our Product Configurator sale ends in 3 days! Plus, ignore form restrictions with GP Live Preview, make choices sticky with GP Randomizer, set pending account activation reminders with Notification Scheduler, and more.

gravity wiz weekly

Greetings, wizards! 

When I said we were going to release GS Product Configurator in late July, I didn’t realize that I meant the literal last day of July. 😂

You know what they say though. A new product is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to. 🧙‍♂️

We have so much more to share though!

Join us in the tavern and we’ll regale you with this week’s tales of magical Gravity Perks updates and mythical new resources for your own Gravity Forms journey.

Highlights from the Suite

GP Live Preview

Preview your forms on the frontend of your site and investigate issues with a whole kit of troubleshooting tools.

Ugh. I can’t wait to rename this perk. We’ve added a ton of tools over the years that make troubleshooting frustrating issues so much easier. Examples? Temporarily unrequire required fields, enable AJAX, show hidden fields, etc, etc.

This week, we updated the “Ignore Form Restrictions” option to… Wait, you don’t know about that one? This option will ignore the Gravity Forms’ core restrictions like the form schedule, entry limit, and login requirements when previewing the form live. And now, it will also ignore Limit Submissions feeds.

limit submissions live preview enforce restrictions

GP Address Autocomplete

Simplify Address field entry and save your users time with our Google Places Autocomplete API integration for Gravity Forms.

When you’re managing multisite installs, configuring settings for each site can be a real chore. Or, if you’re deploying changes to production, it can be difficult to keep track of settings you tweaked getting everything just right on staging.

We feel your pain! Address Autocomplete now makes life a little easier by allowing you to define your Google API key using the `GPAA_GOOGLE_API_KEY` PHP constant. Chuck that little nugget in your wp-config.php and you’re all set.

Pro Tip: You can do the same with your Gravity Perks license. 👌

GP Randomizer

Reduce order bias by randomizing your form choices. Great for onboarding/offboarding flows and surveys!

This week, Randomizer got a helpful filter that lets you make specific choices “sticky”. For example, let’s say you have an option for “I don’t have an opinion” and you always want that to be the first choice. All other choices should be randomized. This new filter can help!

gravity forms randomizer set sticky choices

Want 30% off GS Product Configurator?

We’ve already emailed y’all twice this week about our epic new product that bridges the flexibility for Gravity Forms with the robustness of WooCommerce but… there are only 3 days left to take advantage of our launch discount.

Watch my intro to GS Product Configurator, realize how much time this is going to save you, then save a bunch of money with the launch deal.

You can head straight to checkout with these links:

Can’t wait to see you in the Gravity Shop! 🛒

New Resources

GS Product Configurator | Allow Switching Subscriptions

Product Configurator works with Subscription products out of the box. This snippet will allow your customers to switch the product they are subscribed to via their Account page. How awesome is that!?

gravity forms woocommerce allow switching subscriptions

Page Transitions + Limit Checkboxes | Enforce Minimum Limit with Soft Validation

Page Transitions’ Soft Validation makes multi-page forms faster by handling basic validation without submitting each page. This snippet beefs up that validation to include enforcing Limit Checkboxes’ minimum limit.

gravity forms page transitions soft validation with limit checkboxes minimum limit

Notification Scheduler | Pending Activation Reminders

Send reminders to users who signed up but never activated their accounts. The sign up is handled by the Gravity Forms User Registration add-ons’ User Activation feature. The reminder is powered by Notification Scheduler. The magic is provided by the snippet. 🪄

Product Updates

GS Product Configurator (1.0-beta-1.1)

  • Updated link to notification events documentation section.

GP Address Autocomplete (v1.2.15)

  • Added support for defining the Google API key using a new PHP constant named GPAA_GOOGLE_API_KEY.
  • Fixed an issue with where the autocomplete dropdown would not show in the right position inside Nested Forms that fit inside the entire viewport.

GP Conditional Pricing (v1.4.8)

  • Fixed issue where Gravity Forms’ state validation could prevent Stripe v5 from working with Conditional Pricing. Note: the conditional pricing is still validated on the server-side.

GP Live Preview (v1.6.8)

  • Added support to disable GP Limit Submissions’ feeds when using Ignore Form Restrictions in GP Live Preview.

GP Page Transitions (v1.0.21)

  • Fixed an issue with Page Transitions’ Soft Validation marking all pages as complete when using Multi-Page Navigation, even if not completed.

GP Randomizer (v1.0.5)

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