Gravity Wiz Weekly 225

900 snippets! Plus, show addresses in specific languages, auto attach PDFs to Parent Notifications, and see responses to last week’s question, “what do you want in a Notion integration?”

Greetings, wizards! 

As the CEO of a bootstrapped company, I’ve worn many hats for many years. 

This year, I’ve been making a concerted effort to wear fewer hats and let the amazing team we’ve built here at Gravity Wiz work their magic. I’m now leaning into my de facto role as Product Manager, which has proven to be immensely rewarding, both personally and for the business.

Here’s to our most productive year yet and a beefy newsletter to prove it! 🍻

Highlights of the Week

Entry Blocks: Hidden Fields + Filters Block

The easiest, most flexible way to display and edit Gravity Forms entries on the frontend. Fully customizable layouts powered by WordPress’ very own Block Editor.

This week, we added support for filtering entries by values entered into Hidden fields with the ever-filtering Filters blocks. The Filters block lets users search (and filter) to find exactly what they need.

Imagine using the same form for multiple event pages. You might use a Hidden field to capture which event the form was submitted for. Now your users could filter by the event captured in that Hidden field to see all entries submitted for a given event.

Unique ID: Wait for Payment, Not for Bug Fixes

Generate alphanumeric, numeric or sequential “Unique ID” values for the entry when submitted. The applications are endless!

Back in March, we introduced support for waiting for payment before generating unique IDs for any delayed-payment-enabled Gravity Forms payment add-on.

Y’all have been putting this functionality to work! Thanks to your faithful reports, we’ve fixed two little snags with this feature. Wait-for-payment-enabled unique IDs are now available for Payment Completed notifications and correctly generated even if the honeypot is enabled.

Answer of the Week
What you want in a Notion integration.

What do you want in a gravity forms notion integration cover creative

Last week we asked: What do you want in a Notion integration?

Here’s what you told us (summarized by my good friend, ChatGPT):

  • Workflow Optimization: You want to streamline tasks involving Gravity Forms submissions and simplify data flow between platforms.
  • Real-Time Syncing: Demand exists for dynamic updates and syncing between Notion and WordPress.
  • Control and Flexibility: You greatly desire more control over integrations, including manual triggering of syncs and manipulation of database items.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: You’re after improved collaboration and feedback gathering for project management and user input.
  • Other Platform Integrations: Notion? Whatever. You’re seeking integration with other platforms like Airtable, OneDrive, and Synology.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback! We’ve selected our five winners for the Gravity Perks playing card raffle and we’ll be contacting you today.

More chances to win these sexy first edition Gravity Perks playing cards coming soon. 🙌

Customer Spotlight
Michelle Marin’s Marvelous Customer Reporting Portal

Michelle Marin's Gravity Forms powered Customer Reporting Portal

Michelle Marin found herself dealing with a common agency problem — digging through dozens of client email chains trying to find important project correspondence or revisions.

So, she did what all good wizards do, and built the whole thing herself (and surely with some help from her team).

Michelle’s customer portal is an elegant example of what’s possible with Gravity Forms (and a few perks 😉). It’s a powerful correspondence platform and sales engine — showing users designs related to their projects with custom messages that let users know how the project’s coming along, next steps, the ability to purchase additional packages, and more.

Magical Mention
Snippet Library Milestone: 900+ Sparkling Snippets!

We love finding a path forward for our customers even when it’s a niche request. And that passion for stop-gap solutions is exactly how we’ve arrived at over 900 sparkling Gravity Forms snippets in our ever-growing Snippet Library. This is the way.

If you dig what we’re building here you’ll be thrilled to know that we’re actively working to bring the Snippet Library directly into the Gravity Wiz website with better search, better discoverability, and better analytics. Here’s a little teaser. 😉

gravity forms snippet library 900 milestone cover

Until then, you can still explore the full Snippet Library on Github.

New Resources

Show Addresses in Specific Language
with Address Autocomplete

A Pro customer reached out this week with an interesting dilemma. They’re collecting shipping addresses with Address Autocomplete but some of their customers were interacting with their forms in Simplified Chinese. They need to force the address capture to be in English. This snippet was the solution.

Auto Attach PDFs to Parent Notifications
with Nested Forms

If you’re using Gravity PDF to generate PDFs for your Nested Forms child entries, you may want to aggregate those generated PDFs and attach them to the parent form’s notifications. This snippet makes it a breeze.PS – If you want to do the same for Fillable PDFs, we’ve got a snippet for that too.

Product Updates

GS Product Configurator (1.0-beta-2.8)

  • Fixed issue where attached Gravity Forms entries would not get all the completed payment info when the associated WooCommerce Order goes directly to the Completed status.

GP Conditional Pricing (v2.0.6)

  • Fixed additional JavaScript errors in the pricing rule editor related to existing pricing rules not having conditional logic rules.

GP Entry Blocks (1.0-beta-1.2)

  • Fixed Hidden fields not working with the Filters block.

GP Unique ID (v1.5.7)

  • Fixed an issue where unique ID was not present in “Payment Completed” notifications when “Wait for Payment” was enabled.
  • Fixed issue where wait-for-payment unique ID generation failed if honeypot was enabled.

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