Gravity Wiz Weekly #113

Two major releases and a spell to cure worry through hardwork.

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Greetings, wizards!

It’s been nearly a full moon since we last spoke. All the while, we’ve been wearilessly wizarding away on a great host of incredible updates for you. Read on, my friends. You won’t be disappointed. πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Populate Anything 1.0 Released

Populate Anything 1.0 is out in the wild. It’s a huge milestone for this data population powerhouse. This release represents years of hard work and dedication from a team of wizards I couldn’t be happier to call my own. Don’t miss out on all the ways this Swiss Army plugin will revolutionize how you work with Gravity Forms.

Limit Submissions 1.0 Released

Populate Anything may have stolen the show this week, but you definitely don’t want to miss out on Limit Submissions. Limit the number of entries that can be submitted by a variety of factors (user, role, IP, URL, field value) and for nearly any period of time.

How is this useful to you?

  • Creating a training quiz to help students study for their SATs?
    Limit non-members to a single submission but give your members unlimited access.
  • Having the same applicant applying for your jobs multiple times?
    Limit them by name and email to one application per month.
  • Getting slammed with spam from the same IP?
    Throttle submission to one per minute.

Other Perky Highlights

The Gravity Perks suite received a number of useful additions this week.

  • Media Library has been updated to resolve a conflict with File Upload Pro. Use these two perks together to crop the perfect image and then automatically import it to the WordPress Media Library.
  • File Upload Pro has two new filters. gpfup_strip_image_metadata to choose whether or not to preserve image metadata (EXIF) and gpfup_jpeg_quality to change the JPEG quality that’s used when cropping and auto-cropping images. These are useful when you are collecting assets to print.
  • We made a number of compatibility improvements with Gravity Forms 2.5 across the suite.

Read on for the full list of changes below.

Alright, wizards. Until next week. ⚑️


Gravity Forms All Fields Template β€” Take complete control of the Gravity Forms {all_fields} merge tag output with this lightweight plugin. This week, we fixed an issue where “Order Summary” label would still appear when using the nopricingfields modifier.

Gravity Forms Update Posts β€” Populate and update WordPress posts with Gravity Forms’ entries. This week, we added support for updating the post status and setting a featured image. The latter addition requires our Media Library perk and pairs will with File Upload Pro.

Field Groups for GP Limit Choices β€” Looking for simple appointment bookings? Our Field Groups snippet works with Limit Choices to join multiple fields together to create unique choice selections that can only be selected a limited number of times. Join a Date field and a Drop Down field with a list of time slots and you’ve got a simple but flexible appointment booking system. We review this solution in-depth in our How to Build a Curbside Pickup Form.

Gravity Perks

GP Conditional Pricing (v1.3.2)

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with GF 2.5 where imported forms lost pricing rules.
  • Fixed a potential issue where deleted products with pricing logic may cause GPCP editor to fail.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.44)

  • Improved consistency of how Total field values are handled by always removing the currency symbol and thousand separators.
  • Fixed an issue where conditional logic may clear copied fields after hiding them multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where the gpcc_copied_value filter did not fire when copying checkbox or radio fields.
  • Fixed a potential issue where copied prices to radio fields may not update the form’s total amount.
  • Fixed an issue where GPCC would not copy values to quantity fields correctly.

GP Easy Passthrough (v1.9.3)

GP eCommerce Fields (v1.2.4)

  • Fixed a potential PHP warning if an entry wasn’t available while reprocessing calculations.
  • Fixed a potential issue where GPECF may replace GPPA’s LMTs before they are parsed, leaving their @ in the output.

GP File Upload Pro (v1.0.4)

  • Added new gpfup_strip_image_metadata JavaScript filter to control whether or not image metadata/EXIF should be stripped from uploaded images.
  • Added new gpfup_jpeg_quality JavaScript filter for controlling the JPEG quality used when saving cropped images.
  • Added support for using File Upload Pro in admin pages including pages created by the Ultimate Dashboard plugin.
  • Added support for accessing File Upload Pro JavaScript instance using window.GPFUP_FORMID_FIELDID format. As a result, window.GPFUP was renamed to window.GPFUP_CONSTANTS and window.GPFUP_FORM_FORMID was renamed to window.GPFUP_FORM_INIT_FORMID.
  • Added gpfup_strings JavaScript filter for customizing localized strings used on the frontend.
  • Added gpfup_skip_image_loader JavaScript filter.
  • Added support for using File Upload Pro in admin pages including pages created by the Ultimate Dashboard plugin.
  • Added new gpfup_strip_image_metadata JavaScript filter to control whether or not image metadata/EXIF should be stripped from uploaded images.
  • Added new gpfup_jpeg_quality JavaScript filter for controlling the JPEG quality used when saving cropped images.
  • Fixed issue where cropping would not work in some situations on multi-page forms or when using multiple File Upload Pro fields in the same form.
  • Fixed issue where the image preview dimensions would be set to 0 causing the preview to not show if only image extensions are allowed.
  • Fixed JavaScript warning if cropping was disabled.
  • Fixed issue where cropping constraints would be applied/enforced even with cropping disabled.
  • Fixed issue where cropping would not work in some situations on multi-page forms or when using multiple File Upload Pro fields in the same form.
  • Fixed JavaScript warning if cropping was disabled.

GP Limit Checkboxes (v1.3.1)

GP Limit Choices (v1.7.3)

  • Added gplc_choice_limit filter to allow filtering choice limits when fetched.
  • Updated how choice limits are fetched to use a standardized method.
  • Fixed issue with Limit Choices not working with Conditional Logic as expected.

GP Limit Submissions (v1.0.1)

  • Updated version to 1.0. Limit Submissions is officially out of beta!
  • Fixed an issue where limit error messages didn’t show when a form is displayed via AJAX.

GP Live Preview (v1.6.1)

  • Fixed a potential compatibility issue with GF 2.5 and entry list pages.

GP Media Library (v1.2.18)

  • Fixed issue where GF Media Library would interfere with file ordering specified by File Upload Pro’s sorting.

GP Multi-Page Navigation (v1.1.2)

  • Fixed a fatal error in installations running PHP 5.6.x.
  • Fixed error messages styling for GF 2.5.
  • Fixed a potential issue where AJAX spinner may show up twice on some forms.

GP Nested Forms (v1.0-beta-9.34)

  • Added gpnf_replace_parent_merge_tag_on_edit filter to re-populate parent merge tags when editing an entry.
  • Added new gpnf_fetch_form_html_after_add and gpnf_fetch_form_html_after_delete JavaScript filters.
  • Added support for disabling delete confirmation by passing empty confirmAction label.
  • Added support for using :value (or ,value if using All Fields Template) Merge Tag modifier for Nested Form fields.
  • Added new GP_Nested_Forms::get_template_names() method and updated instances where we specified template names manually to use this new helper method.
  • Updated gpnf_disable_new_cancel_confirmation filter’s default value to true if a non-false value is passed for the confirmAction label.
  • Updated custom template names to have precedence before all standard template names.
  • Updated docblock with variables in nested-entries-all.php.
  • Fixed an issue where an imported parent form without its child may generate a PHP notice.
  • Fixed PHP notice in Gravity Forms Coupons Add-On settings page.
  • Fixed an issue where AJAX rendered forms may display a JS error when using List fields.
  • Fixed issue where init scripts for Nested Forms could be loaded twice and cause inconsistent behavior such as doubled up loading indicators.
  • Fixed an issue where {Parent} merge tags were not processed correctly in nested form’s notification.
  • Fixed a potential issue where a child form that requires login did not display the proper login required message.
  • Fixed issue where number formats could be lost when editing a Nested Entry with conditional logic.

GP Populate Anything (v1.0.5)

  • Added support for the “does not contain” operator.
  • Added support for ordering by user meta to the User Object Type.
  • Added Post Excerpt to the list of properties GPPA can populate with.
  • Added gppa_should_trigger_change JavaScript filter.
  • Improved performance of Post, Term, and User Object Types by utilizing runtime query caching.
  • Updated “Ordering” property dropdown in Field Settings to use option groups like the property dropdown for filters.
  • Fixed formatting issue with Multi Select values in Live Merge Tags and addressed regression related to population of multi-choice values.
  • Fixed issue where newlines in Live Merge Tag values from textareas would improperly include a “<br>” tag.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags would return the wrong value when dependent fields were conditionally hidden by multi-select fields.
  • Fixed issue where dynamically populated fields with Max Character limits would not have the JavaScript counter re-added after population.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags would not use the correct value if the field where the value is coming from has its value populated dynamically.
  • Fixed PHP notice in certain AJAX requests.
  • Fixed an issue where GPPA may generate a PHP warning when populating some Meta user values.
  • Fixed an issue where gppa_missing_filter_text was not applied to Radio Button fields.
  • Fixed a potential compatibility issue with GPLCD and confirmation redirect URL parameters when a field is populated using GPPA.
  • Fixed issue where fetching meta from Taxonomy Terms was not consistent with the behavior of the Posts and Users Object Types. The expected behavior is to fetch meta with the $single parameter set to true.
  • Fixed issue with Live Merge Tag values coming from conditionally hidden fields with inputs (such as Address field).
  • Fixed an issue where ordering taxonomy terms by Term ID returned an empty set.
  • Fixed a potential PHP warning as GF_Field_FileUpload->get_value_export() expects passed values to be JSON encoded.
  • Fixed an issue where the default population of name fields resulted in a comma separated list (i.e. “first, middle, last”)
  • Fixed a potential issue where number fields may fire extraneous XHR requests when losing focus, causing a brief content flash.
  • Fixed gform_pre_render filter parameters that are used during hydration of a field in XHR.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags would not be populated in Order Summaries or in Notifications in some situations.
  • Fixed a potential issue that can cause GPPA to fail to hydrate when some plugins or filters expect GFFormDisplay to be available during XHR.

GP Reload Form (v2.0.6)

  • Updated behavior of Reload Form to retain submitted fields values by default. If you wish to reset values to the default after reloading, please use the gprf_disable_dynamic_reload filter.
  • Fixed incompatibility with Populate Anything which would cause dynamic population requests via AJAX to fail.

GP Unique ID (v1.4.2)

  • Fixed a potential SQL issue during DB setup/upgrade.

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