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Conditionally copy fields in Copy Cat, Nested Forms + post payment actions, AI powered teaching tools, pad by weekdays with Limit Dates, and about a gazillion other new tasty treats.

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Greetings, wizards! 

At Gravity Wiz, the more support requests we receive, the better our products become. Not just bug fixes but epic new features too.

This week’s newsletter is brought to you by the absolutely legendary Gravity Wiz support team. 🙌  

PS – We’re actively hiring more support wizards now! Come join us for an awesome adventure. 🧙‍♂️

PPS – Last week’s workshop was insane! So much AI. Watch the video here. 📺

Copying with Conditions

Copy Cat is a powerful tool for copying data from one field to another, either automatically as the user enters data into a field or by a user-triggered action like checking a checkbox.

One common use case is copying a billing address to a shipping address. Just set up a Checkbox field and enable Copy Cat on this field to copy the billing address to the shipping address when it’s checked.

But what if you have multiple addresses (e.g. Home and Office) and you want to copy a specific address to the shipping address field depending on which option is selected in a Radio Button field? 

The new “if” condition makes such copy flows possible!

copy values conditionally

In that example, we add two Copy Cat classes to the Radio Button field: `copy-1-to-4-if-3.0` and `copy-2-to-4-if-3.1`. Note: It’s a zero-based index so “0” is the first radio button, “1” is the second, and so on.

Making Time for Notification Scheduler

Scheduling notifications with Gravity Forms is so easy with Notification Scheduler

And now, you can control the exact time a notification will be scheduled when scheduling by “Date field”. Just select the desired hour or let the submitting user specify their own time with a Time field.

notification scheduler gravity forms date field

This is super useful when wanting to send reminders about time-sensitive appointments or to ensure your day-of details arrive early enough to be useful on event day!

Nested Forms + Post Payment Actions

Nested Forms now fully supports post payment actions for feeds configured on child forms.

Huh? I know. That’s a bit dense, but this section is worth the read, I promise.

So, some payment gateways (like PayPal and Stripe Checkout) redirect the user to their own checkout pages to collect payment after the form has been submitted. After the payment is collected, the entry is updated and Gravity Forms will process any configured post payment actions.

nested forms post payment actions

If you’re using one of these payment gateways on your parent form, you may want to delay feeds attached to your child forms (like a feed that sends the entry to Google Sheets) until the payment has been collected.

This was already possible if you had a feed of the same type on the parent form but what if you only had feeds configured on the child form? Previously, these just weren’t accounted for. Now they are!

This is the best quality-of-life improvement we’ve made to Nested Forms in the last 6 months, easy. Hope you enjoy it. 🤗

Limit Dates: Pad by Weekdays

What can Limit Dates already do? Oh, not too much, just…

And now, it can also pad the minimum or maximum date by any number of weekdays.

gravity forms limit dates pad weekends

Want to require the selected delivery date to be five business days from the current date? Just set the minimum date modifier to “+5 weekdays”. Credit to Dominik Schilling ( for this tasty treat!

Spotlight: Auto Classmate’s AI Powered Teaching Tools

Logan Greenhaw of built a would-you-rather question generator using Gravity Forms OpenAI. Using Gravity Forms fields, users can customize parameters like grade level and tone, leading to very entertaining (and intriguing!) results.

Logan’s question generator also makes use of GF OpenAI beta 1’s gpt-3.5-turbo integration, which, on top of being 10x cheaper and faster, is providing Logan “even better results than [his] previously fine-tuned model.”

We just released Gravity Forms OpenAI Beta 1! It features an integration with ChatGPT’s API (gpt-3.5-turbo), which is much cheaper, plenty faster, and a lot smarter. Beta 1 also integrates with Gravity Flow and includes new formatting modifiers. Learn more about Gravity Forms OpenAI Beta 1.

So, how does Logan’s AI generator work? Explore Gravity Forms + AI prompt-mastery in full below!

New Resources

GF Progress Meter | Multiple Goals

When you’ve got lofty goals, sometimes that can seem unattainable. Setting milestones can make even the biggest objectives seem feasible.

This week, our popular Progress Meter plugin was updated to support specify multiple goals. When you configure the shortcode’s “goals” parameter, just add as many goals as you’d like, separated by a semi-colon, and as each goal is reached, the new goal will be displayed.

gravity forms progress meter set multiple goals

GF Manual Entries | Refactored, Refined

Ever wished you could just click a button to create a new entry for a form in the backend? This snippet does just that. It also adds support for adding new child entries to Nested Form fields. Um? YAS!

This week, we refactored the code base to make it easier for 3rd-parties to interact with Manual Entries including a new filter `gfme_is_add_entry_request` to create custom triggers for creating manual entries.

manual entries in gravity forms

Populate Anything | Populate Choice Labels Instead of Values

When using Populate Anything to populate entry values from choice-based fields as choices (think Radio Buttons, Drop Downs, Checkboxes), by default, it will use the value instead of the label. This snippet allows you to populate the label instead.

Given it’s popularity, we decided to make this snippet a little easier to use. It now requires no additional code configuration. Just copy and paste, then add the “gppa-use-choice-label” class to your populated field’s Custom CSS Class setting.

Gravity Perks

GP Advanced Phone Field (v1.0.11)

  • Updated validation logic to use the gform_field_validation filter hook rather than gform_validation.
  • Improved validation to only clear out the value provided in Advanced Phone Fields if the value is clearly not a number and not just invalid.

GP Advanced Save & Continue (v1.0-beta-1.3)

  • Added reference links to Auto Save / Load setting tooltip for easier discoverability.
  • Added gpasc_should_auto_load filter to allow optionally disabling Auto Load globally or on a form by form basis.
  • Added gpasc_js_init hook.
  • Fixed issue where Draft Link line heights were not always consistent.
  • Fixed issue where expired draft would sometimes be autoloaded resulting in a displayed error.
  • Fixed issue where expired draft links would sometimes show up in a draft list.
  • Fixed issue where drafts would not display above form when the “Enable Auto Save and Load” was disabled.
  • Fixed issue where [gpasc_drafts] shortcode would sometimes error due to missing frontend scripts.

GP Better User Activation (v1.2.10)

  • Fixed issue where activation content would be output multiple times when the Avada theme/plugin was enabled.

GP eCommerce Fields (v1.2.18)

  • Added new gpecf_field_total filter hook (PHP & JS) to allow modifying the calculation of the field total.

GP Entry Blocks (v1.0-alpha-2.11)

  • Added support for parsing merge tags of HTML fields to display the contents of HTML fields in blocks such as the View Entry block and Entries Loop.

GP Limit Dates (v1.1.21)

  • Added support for weekday(s) keyword support when specifying min/max date modifiers. Credit: Dominik Schilling (
  • Fixed potential PHP warnings.

GP Nested Forms (1.1.19)

  • Added support for including post payment actions (like delaying feed processing until payment is collected) based on child feeds.
  • Fixed issue where runtime hashcode was not unique to the session.
  • Fixed a potential fatal error that can happen when printing parent forms with Nested Form fields using Gravity Forms 2.7 or newer.
  • Fixed issue where PHP warnings and/or notices could show if a Nested Form field has a form that does not exist selected as the child form.

GP Notification Scheduler (v1.3)

  • Added more granular time control to the “Date Field” Schedule Type.
  • Improved setting styles for smaller screens.
  • Removed unused code around the concept of date groups.

GP Page Transitions (v1.0.8)

  • Added support for auto-progressing with Advanced Phone Fields.
  • Fixed an issue where submitting wouldn’t work for some forms using Soft Validation and Page Conditional Logic.

GP Populate Anything (v1.2.44)

  • Fixed issue where values from hidden fields could show up in merge tags such as @{order_summary}.
  • Fixed potential PHP warnings when using PHP 8 and the GW Manual Entries snippet.
  • Fixed issue where Live Merge Tags referencing choice-based product fields with populated choices would not reflect the correct value.

GP QR Code (v1.0.4)

  • Added new gpqr_encoding PHP filter hook to change the encoding used when generating QR codes. This is useful if encoding multi-byte characters in QR codes.

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