Gravity Wiz Weekly #178

Explore power features with us, create an internal payroll tool using Entry Blocks, and updates to File Renamer, Populate Anything, QR Code, Live Preview, and others. Suite dreams are made of these.

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Greetings, wizards! 

With three releases under our belts in Q1, we’re ahead of schedule and feeling good about it. We’ve got quite a bit more planned for the rest of the quarter though so stick with us if you can handle the ride. 😉

For now, let’s explore our newest power feature, dig into this week’s change log highlights, behold a real-world Entry Blocks use case, and so much more!

Power Feature: Draft Management

You’re a travel agent, COVID’s over, and your phone doesn’t stop ringing. You’re booking more flights, spontaneous adventures, and romantic European dinners than a rom-com.

You need a way to capture some of the important details from each of these leads (like their name and contact info) and then come back later for the more time-intensive information (like their passport, travel preferences, food allergies, etc).

This is where the draft management feature, powered by our new perk, Advanced Save & Continue, really shines. 😎

gravity forms advanced save and continue

No matter what distraction gets in the way, draft management allows you to pick up right where you left off.

Resume any draft with a single click, start a new draft at any time, and delete drafts that go stale.

Draft management works for both authenticated and unauthenticated users, but logged-in users unlock its full potential with access to any draft from any device.

Pair with the auto save & load feature automatically save drafts as your progress through the form and automatically reload your last draft when you return. Never shed another tear for lost progress. And rejoice in the glory of time saved.

Suite Dreams are Made of These

Despite that title, we didn’t count very many sheep this week. 😅

But our hard work has rewarded us (and you) with a delightful delivery of improvements and bug fixes to the Gravity Perks suite. Here are a few highlights!

  • File Renamer — If you want filenames like “Dave Was Here.pdf”, our new gpfr_allow_whitespaces filter can make that happen.
  • Live Preview + Page Transitions — Live Preview’s “Unrequire” feature, which allows you to ignore required fields when troubleshooting tricky forms, will now also ignore required fields when using Page Transitions’ “Soft Validation” feature.
  • QR Code — The scanner library has been updated to the latest version. Highlights include the ability to style the scanner UI (via CSS), better support for scanning UPC-type barcodes, and support for dragging images into the file-based scanner.

Get all the dreamy details in the full change log below. 🐑

Spotlight: building an internal payroll tool using Gravity Forms Entry Blocks

payroll using gravity forms entry blocks

As an agency specializing in business automation and no-code, Desol International builds a lot with Gravity Perks. Founder Sarah Ahmad took us on a journey through a custom build for simplifying employee payroll — and it highlights the versatile power behind Entry Blocks, our solution for displaying and editing Gravity Forms entries on the end. 

You’ll see how Entry Blocks enables a system that lets you create form entries for employees, manage employees and update details like salary from the front end, then display (and edit) all employees and totals in one view before submitting to payroll. 

Entry Blocks does not act alone — read onwards to see how Auto List Field and Preview Submissions help!

Workshop V: Unleash Gravity Forms OpenAI

gravity forms openai workshop

We know you’re curious about AI and what it can do for your Gravity-Forms-powered businesses. Join us March 2nd as we explore this future-shaping technology together. If you have a specific question, be sure to submit it when you register for this live workshop.

New Resources

Populate Anything | JetEngine Repeater Mapper

We’ve had a few requests over the last few weeks for the ability to populate data from CrocoBlock’s JetEngine Repeater custom field with the power of Populate Anything. If you’re not familiar with JetEngine, it’s basically an alternative to Advanced Custom Fields.

Y’all know we love to delight you with custom snippets and this week was no exception. Enjoy this class-activated snippet that allows you to populate JetEngine repeater data as choices in your Gravity Forms choice-based fields (e.g. Drop Downs, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes).

File Upload Pro | Require Camera

Require the user to upload a picture taken directly from their camera rather than an existing file. Great when you need to ensure the picture is fresh like food and package delivery confirmations.

File Upload Pro also allows you to set min and max dimensions, enable cropping so that a fresh photo shows what’s important, and provide an image preview so your users can be sure they’re uploading the right picture.

gravity forms file upload require camera

Entry Blocks | Make Administrative Fields Visible on Edit

Administrative fields give form administrators a way to add data to an entry that isn’t visible to the submitting user. This means these fields don’t show up on the frontend.

With Entry Blocks, you may be creating an administrative view that is accessible from the frontend and therefore would want these fields to be editable when editing an entry. Makes sense, right?

We thought so too. So we wrote this snippet. Enjoy!

Gravity Wiz Weekly Newsletter

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Gravity Perks

GP Address Autocomplete (v1.2.11)

  • Fixed issue where the map field would not pre-populate if the latitude or longitude were number strings.
  • Fixed issue where only the first coordinates input would be available for Easy Passthrough.

GP Advanced Phone Field (v1.0.9)

  • Fixed an issue with empty phone field values causing PHP errors in some situations.

GP Blocklist (v1.3.5)

  • Fixed an issue where the form custom validation message would not be displayed with GPBL honeypot.

GP Copy Cat (v1.4.60)

  • Added sourceValues as a fourth parameter for all instances of the gpcc_copied_value JavaScript filter.

GP Easy Passthrough (v1.9.18)

  • Fixed PHP notices/warnings.

GP File Renamer (v1.0.4)

  • Added gpfr_allow_whitespaces filter to allow filenames to contain whitespace.

GP File Upload Pro (v1.3.6)

  • Fixed an issue with JPEG images not getting embedded in PDF generated by Gravity PDF.

GP Google Sheets (v1.0-beta-1.3)

  • Fixed issue where feeds that only use a single column in Google Sheets would not correctly set developer metadata on the row which would prevent the row from being deleted if the entry is.

GP Live Preview (v1.6.5)

  • Improved compatibility with GP Page Transitions by skipping soft validation if unrequire is enabled.

GP Nested Forms (v1.1.14)

  • Updated CSS styles for Row Actions on small screen sizes.

GP Page Transitions (v1.0.4)

  • Added check to skip soft validation for unrequired scenario in GP Live Preview.
  • Updated the plugin URL.

GP Populate Anything (v1.2.41)

  • Improved security with the Users Object Type. (Credit: GravityKit)
  • Fixed issue where prices from values would be removed when rendering Live Merge Tags which could cause issues with @{order_summary}.
  • Fixed issue where apostrophes could cause issues in queries in some situations and cause choices to not be populated correctly.

GP QR Code (v1.0.3)

  • Updated the scanner library.
  • Fixed issue where scanning into a Paragraph field did not correctly insert the value into the field.


  1. Martin Ferreira
    Martin Ferreira February 11, 2023 at 5:03 am

    Populate Anything | JetEngine Repeater Mapper

    Great work guys. One question. Would this work if the repeater is a set of products shown on a single page and every entry has a value associated to it like quantity? and that quantity gets added with a 3rd form. so you would be able to create a new product by completing a form. and it will show up on the repeater.


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