gravity forms select dropdown acf

Guide: Populating Gravity Forms Dropdowns with ACF’s Relationship Field

Everything you need to know about dynamically populating Gravity Forms dropdowns using ACF’s Relationship field and creating chained selects.

add a none of the above field in gravity forms

How to Add a “None of the Above” option to your Checkbox Field

Learn how to create a “None of the Above” checkbox. When “None of the Above” is selected, all other options are disabled. When any other option is selected, “None of the Above” is disabled.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #187

See why Google Sheets Beta 2 is going to blow your wizardly socks off. Plus, updates to QR Code, Populate Anything, and Advanced Phone Field, and a handful of fresh snippets to boot!

chris odell's gravity forms referral and rewards program

Spotlight: Populate Anything & Unique ID for Automated Referral Programs

Power tip! Chris Odell built an automated referral and rewards program with the help of Populate Anything and Unique ID. We explore how it works, step by step.

A Simple Guide to Styling Gravity Forms

Explore the fundamentals of styling in Gravity Forms. Then, take it further with advanced CSS styling and other techniques.

Embedding Gravity Forms in Divi: The Quick-Start Guide

Learn how to quickly embed Gravity Forms into Divi with this 6-step guide. Create new forms, set up fields, customize the look and more!

how to build a simple job board using gravity forms

How to Build a Simple Job Board with Gravity Forms

Learn how to build a job board using Gravity Forms and more efficiently manage the application process, display and filter job listings, and customize applicant follow-up.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #186

A feast of new features for Entry Blocks. Accessibility updates for Populate Anything. And a handful of fresh snippets for dessert.

gravity forms raffle or lottery

How to Build a Raffle or Lottery Event using Gravity Forms

Learn how to build the perfect raffle, lottery, or prize-based system using Gravity Forms, with one winning ticket or multiple. Then, take it further with discounts, data exports, and more.

Creating Multiple IDs with Gravity Forms

Dynamically generate multiple IDs for Gravity forms, which can be displayed on the form or provided to the user.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #185

Insatiable curiosity! Entry Blocks + oEmbeds, Workshop VI’s recording, Populate Anything for referral programs, and styling Gravity Forms page steps.

Gravity Forms in Elementor: A Complete Guide

Learn how to install and use Gravity Forms and Elementor together to create custom forms and embed them into your site.

Gravity Forms Data Export: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to export Gravity Forms data in this step-by-step guide. Explore the benefits of exporting form data and how to get more out of your data export.

Embedding Gravity Forms in WordPress: Shortcodes & More

Learn how to quickly and easily embed Gravity Forms into your website in five different ways, including using a shortcode, the Gravity Forms block, and more.

How to Supercharge Your Real Estate Business using Gravity Forms

Learn how to build a mortgage calculator, schedule showings, and create a home appraisal form using Gravity Forms and Gravity Perks.