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How to Crop Images with Gravity Forms

Add cropping capability to Gravity Forms File Upload fields.

Show Login Link for Existing Users with Gravity Forms User Registration

Automatically show a login link when a user attempts to register with an existing email.

How to Send a Follow-Up and Pre-Fill Information

Stay in touch with your users and make it easier for them to complete follow-up forms by pre-filling the information you’ve already collected from them.

Gravity Forms Zapier integration

The Complete Guide to Using Gravity Forms With Zapier

Learn how to set up a Gravity Forms Zapier integration and enhance it in different ways using Gravity Perks.

Gravity Forms progress bar

How to Make a Gravity Forms Progress Bar

Learn how to create a Gravity Forms progress bar in WordPress the easy way using Gravity Perks.

How to Dynamically Populate a Ranked Survey Field in Gravity Forms

Simplify your Ranking fields and make your surveys easier for your audience to complete.

How to Dynamically Populate Form Fields in Gravity Forms

How to Dynamically Populate Form Fields in Gravity FormsStep #1: Installing GF Populate AnythingStep #2: Populating Field Choices and Field ValuesStep #3: FilteringStep #4: Live …

How to do more with Gravity Forms CRM Integration

How to connect Gravity Forms to your CRM and collect all the info you actually need, using various Perks

How to Populate WooCommerce Order Data into Gravity Forms

Build a form for your customers to easily contact you regarding products they have ordered.

How To Build a Company Directory with GravityView

Make a form for employees to easily add and edit personal profiles. Build a View to display those profiles on the front end.

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Complete Guide: How to Create a Multi-Step Gravity Form

Gravity Forms multi-step forms can make long, complex forms user-friendly, reduce form abandonment, and increase conversion rates.

How To Set Up Conditional Pricing with Nested Forms

Want to provide discounts for large groups? Learn how to offer quantity-based discounts with Nested Forms and conditional logic.

How To Set a Min/Max Quantity on Single Product Fields in Gravity Forms

Have you ever needed to set a minimum or maximum quantity for Product fields in Gravity Forms? If you’re selling a product that requires a …

Uploading Files to Advanced Custom Fields Using the Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-On

In this simple tutorial, we will show you how to map uploaded files or images to an Advanced Custom Field using the Gravity Forms Advanced …

How to Create WooCommerce Products with Gravity Forms

Easily create new WooCommerce Products with Gravity Forms entries so users can submit new products on the front end.