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How To Look Up Previous Entries with Gravity Forms

Populate values from previous Gravity Forms entries when a user inputs matching values from that entry.

How To Build a Curbside Pickup Form

Easily add a pickup option for your store using Gravity Forms. Build a custom solution that doesn’t require a complicated eCommerce platform.

How to Check Checkboxes (and Other Choice-based Fields) Conditionally

Automatically select options based on selections made in another field.

Using Gravity Forms as a Simple Database

A simple method for storing and organizing data that can be dynamically populated into your forms.

How to Create a Gravity Forms Survey and Enhance It With Gravity Perks

Learn how to use the Gravity Forms survey add-on — then, learn how to enhance it using Gravity Perks.

How To Evenly Distribute Leads to a Sales Team with Gravity Forms

Automate your lead distribution process in just a few minutes.

Conditionally Display a Field Based on a Recurring Date

Automatic Conditional Logic with wildcard dates.

Everything You Need to Know About Gravity Forms Database Structure

Everything you need to know about the Gravity Forms database structure, a critical plugin for dynamic, interactive websites powered by WordPress today. Understand the database structure, and how the plugin handles data in the backend.

How To Populate Data Based on the Current User

Populate any field with data based on the currently logged-in user.

Inline Datepickers with Gravity Forms

Replace the Gravity Forms datepicker with an inline datepicker to improve the mobile experience.

How To Customize the Gravity Forms Layout in WordPress

Gravity Forms helps you create all kinds of helpful forms for your WordPress site. But if you want to get the most from those forms, …

Create a quiz with Gravity Forms

How to Use Gravity Forms to Create a Quiz (and Analyze Results)

The Gravity Forms Quiz add-on lets you create quizzes that are automatically scored as soon as the form is submitted. You can use it for …

Edit Gravity Forms Entries on the Front End

The easiest way for users to edit a Gravity Forms entry on the front end.

How to Properly Connect PayPal to Gravity Forms for Payment Forms

Learn how to use Gravity Forms to accept PayPal payments on your site with this step by step guide.

How to Setup Gravity Forms to Accept Stripe Payments

Today’s tutorial covers everything you need to know about accepting Stripe payments on your Gravity Forms via the official Gravity Forms Stripe add-on and the GP eCommerce Fields Add-on.