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Optimize and Offload Uploaded Files with Gravity Forms

Automatically optimize images and offload files uploaded through Gravity Forms.

How to Build a Player Roster with Age-Based Pricing

Register players with age-based registration fees in a single form submission.

Register Multiple Users From a Single Form

Register multiple users to your WordPress site with a single form submission.

Calculate Age with Gravity Forms

Accurately calculate a customer’s age based on their date of birth.

Calculate the Number of Days Between Two Dates With Gravity Forms

Calculate the number of days between two given date fields and populate this number into a field on the form.

How to Set Up Age Based Pricing

Adjust a product’s price based on the customer’s calculated age.

How To Create And Display User Submitted Posts With Gravity Forms (And Gravity Wiz)

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular WordPress forms plugins out there that offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of functionality and …

How to Create Personalized Confirmation Pages

Finally, there is an easy way to create dynamic Gravity Forms confirmation pages for multiple forms, create permalinks for confirmation pages, and pass entry IDs anywhere. Thanks to GP Post Content Merge Tags, Gravity Forms confirmations are more powerful than ever!

How to Apply Discounts with Gravity Forms

Flexible, conditional, and easy discounts for Gravity Forms.

How to Populate Entry Data from One Form into Another Using Gravity Forms

Populate entry data into any form with Gravity Forms Easy Passthrough.

How to Calculate Tax or VAT with Gravity Forms

Add tax to your Gravity Forms’ submissions in 5 minutes or less.

Make Your Gravity Forms Validation Errors Mobile-friendly(er)

Improve Gravity Forms validation errors for mobile users by automatically focusing on the first field with a validation error.

How to automatically reload a Gravity Form when a modal is closed

A simple way to reload a Gravity Form in a modal when the modal is closed; resetting the form to it’s original state.

How to Block a Date Range with Gravity Forms Datepicker

Easily disable a large range of dates from being selectable using GP Limit Dates with this handy filter.

How to Upload Files & Images from Gravity Forms to Advanced Custom Fields

GP Media Library enhances Gravity Forms to allow automatically importing files and images to the WordPress Media Library when you submit the form. In this …