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gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #192

We have a lot to share this week! Including: new perks, a new product line, a new workshop, a new spotlight, new features, and new snippets.

populate anything remanufacturing spotlight testimonial

Spotlight: Automating Membership Registration with Populate Anything

We spoke with Michelle Hayes of Remanufacturing Industries Council about how she uses Gravity Forms Populate Anything to automate new user registrations.

connect gravity forms with google sheets

Guide: Two-Way Connect Gravity Forms with Google Sheets

Learn how to send Gravity Forms data to Google Sheets and populate data from Google Sheets into Gravity Forms, even within the same form.

populate anything 2.0 release creative

Introducing Gravity Forms Populate Anything 2.0

Populate Anything 2.0 is a powerhouse when working with large quantities of dynamic data. But it does this with a helping hand from our next release: GP Advanced Select.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #189

Gravity Forms OpenAI gets GPT-4 support. Plus, Save & Continue for Page Transitions, File Upload Pro updated for Orbital, Post Content Merge Tags shortcodes, and more.

gravity forms select dropdown acf

Guide: Populating Gravity Forms Dropdowns with ACF’s Relationship Field

Everything you need to know about dynamically populating Gravity Forms dropdowns using ACF’s Relationship field and creating chained selects.

add a none of the above field in gravity forms

How to Add a “None of the Above” option to your Checkbox Field

Learn how to create a “None of the Above” checkbox. When “None of the Above” is selected, all other options are disabled. When any other option is selected, “None of the Above” is disabled.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #187

See why Google Sheets Beta 2 is going to blow your wizardly socks off. Plus, updates to QR Code, Populate Anything, and Advanced Phone Field, and a handful of fresh snippets to boot!

chris odell's gravity forms referral and rewards program

Spotlight: Populate Anything & Unique ID for Automated Referral Programs

Power tip! Chris Odell built an automated referral and rewards program with the help of Populate Anything and Unique ID. We explore how it works, step by step.

how to build a simple job board using gravity forms

How to Build a Simple Job Board with Gravity Forms

Learn how to build a job board using Gravity Forms and more efficiently manage the application process, display and filter job listings, and customize applicant follow-up.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #186

A feast of new features for Entry Blocks. Accessibility updates for Populate Anything. And a handful of fresh snippets for dessert.

wordtap populate anything spotlight

Spotlight: Gamifying Language Learning with WordTap and Populate Anything

See how WordTap uses Gravity Forms Populate Anything to help customers create and share games that make learning new languages… fun!?

populate simply schedule appointments data in gravity forms

How to populate Simply Schedule Appointments data anywhere in Gravity Forms 

In one of our first collaborative guest posts *ever,* we explore dynamically populating Simply Schedule Appointments data anywhere in Gravity Forms for powerful personalization and automation.

How to Filter Checkboxes by Checkboxes using Dynamic Population

Use Checkbox selections to filter other Checkboxes on your form. Example: turn a customer’s selection of yoga class times into that customer’s preferred times.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #178

Explore power features with us, create an internal payroll tool using Entry Blocks, and updates to File Renamer, Populate Anything, QR Code, Live Preview, and others. Suite dreams are made of these.