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wordtap populate anything spotlight

Spotlight: Gamifying Language Learning with WordTap and Populate Anything

See how WordTap uses Gravity Forms Populate Anything to help customers create and share games that make learning new languages… fun!?

populate simply schedule appointments data in gravity forms

How to populate Simply Schedule Appointments data anywhere in Gravity Forms 

In one of our first collaborative guest posts *ever,* we explore dynamically populating Simply Schedule Appointments data anywhere in Gravity Forms for powerful personalization and automation.

How to Filter Checkboxes by Checkboxes using Dynamic Population

Use Checkbox selections to filter other Checkboxes on your form. Example: turn a customer’s selection of yoga class times into that customer’s preferred times.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #178

Explore power features with us, create an internal payroll tool using Entry Blocks, and updates to File Renamer, Populate Anything, QR Code, Live Preview, and others. Suite dreams are made of these.

How to Filter One Field By Another and Create Gravity Forms Chained Selects

Learn how to use Populate Anything to create your own chained selects and filter large amounts of dynamic data in your forms.

Gravity Forms Email Validation: Check Emails Live Prior to Submission

Use this guide to learn how to validate a Gravity Forms Email field live before needing to click submit.

Spotlight: Netalys’ Salt Consumption Calculator

A behind-the-scenes look at how Netalys built a daily salt consumption calculator using Nested Forms and Populate Anything.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly #148

Notification (Re)Scheduler 1.2, send spam where it belongs, and Populate Anything’s automation alchemy.

verify9 populate anything

Populate Anything’s Automation Alchemy

See how Verifyi9 uses Populate Anything and Google Sheets to automate dozens of emails on a daily basis.

Gravity Forms Zip Code Validation: A Step By Step Guide

Learn how to use conditional logic to validate a customer’s postal code before they submit their order.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 138

This week’s focus is on proven solutions to real-world problems. Featuring an all-star lineup of Easy Passthrough, Populate Anything, Address Autocomplete, and Notification Scheduler.

Maatwerk Online’s Magic Portal: agency automates customer reporting and streamlines collaboration through their own customer portal

See how one agency created a customer portal that serves as an internal collaboration tool and a client reporting portal using Gravity Perks.

gravity wiz weekly

Gravity Wiz Weekly 134

Dynamically populate images into your form’s choices, video rundowns of our most popular snippets, and how to create booking platforms for car rentals.

Behind The Scenes: Gravity Perks for eSports

In this customer spotlight, we look at how United States eSports Academy is connecting gamers with pro coaches using Gravity Perks.

Append and Prepend Values to Gravity Forms Merge Tags

Append and prepend values to Gravity Forms merge tags anywhere that they are supported. Customize how your forms display information dynamically.