Can I Download Perks via an API?

If you want to automate installing perks on your site using something like Composer, you can integrate directly with our API to do so.

Our perk download links can be found at the following API endpoint:

To download perks, find the appropriate “package” key for the perks you’d like to download from the get_products JSON response.

Example package URL for GP Notification Scheduler:

Then, replace the following variables:

  • Replace %URL% with your site’s URL.
  • Replace %LICENSE_ID% with your license ID. Your license ID can be found by:

    • Running wp transient get gwp_license_data after activating Gravity Perks on the site and activating your license.
    • Navigating to Forms › Perks › Manage in the WordPress Dashboard. From the Account page, click Manage Sites. The license ID will appear in your URL. For example, this URL indicates the license ID is 123456:

    • If neither of the above methods are possible, reach out to support and we can send over your license ID.

  • Replace %LICENSE_HASH% with an MD5 hash of your license key.