gpcp_price (JS)

  1. Description
  2. Usage
  3. Parameters


Filter the price about to be set for the given product.

This filter runs both when the Conditional Pricing is setting the product to a matched pricing level and when resetting the original price when no pricing level matches.

This filter must be used with its PHP counterpart to handle filtering the price on submission.


gform.addFilter( 'gpcp_price', 'myCustomFunction' );


  • price string|float

    The price to be set.

  • meta object

    An array of useful meta information about the current price.

    • productId int|string

      The ID of the product for which the price is being set.

    • isReset bool

      Indicates if the price is being reset to its original value because not pricing rule is matched.

    • $input {jQuery}

      A jQuery object for the input on which the price is being set.

    • inputId string

      The ID of the specific input being modified. Only applies to multi-product fields.

    • gwcp object

      The current GWConditionalPricing object.

    • currency {Currency}

      The current GF Currency object.

    • formId int

      The current form ID.