gpfup_strip_image_metadata (JS)

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Filter whether or not image metadata (EXIF) should be stripped from the image when uploaded.

Disabling metadata is useful if you need to maintain original metadata such as DPI, camera settings, etc.


gform.addFilter( 'gpfup_strip_image_metadata', my_custom_function );


  • stripMetadata boolean

    Whether or not to strip metadata/EXIF of the image. Defaults to true.

  • formId int

    The current form ID

  • fieldId int

    The current uploader field ID


 * Gravity Perks // File Upload Pro // Include Image Metadata/EXIF on all Uploaded images
 * Instructions:
 *   1. Install our free Custom Javascript for Gravity Forms plugin.
 *      Download the plugin here:
 *   2. Copy and paste the snippet into the editor of the Custom Javascript for Gravity Forms plugin.
window.gform.addFilter('gpfup_strip_image_metadata', function () {
	return false;
} );


This filter is available since Gravity Forms File Upload Pro 1.0.4.