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Filter to enable/disable preserving values if something gets checked prior to the AJAX request resolving. That way, inputs don’t lose their values or get unchecked.


window.gform.addFilter( 'gpi_preserve_values_on_refresh', 'my_custom_function' );


  • preserveValues boolean

    Whether values should be preserved. Defaults to true.

  • $targetField JQuery

    Field with inventory that was refreshed.

  • $triggerField JQuery

    Property field that caused the field with inventory to be refreshed.

  • initialLoad boolean

    Whether the field was refreshed on the initial load of the form.

  • requestData Object

    Payload used to initiate the gpi_refresh_field request.

  • response Object

    AJAX response from gpi_refresh_field admin-ajax.php action.


This filter is available since Gravity Forms Inventory 1.0-beta-3.12.