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    1. Add Number as a supported field type
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Specify what field types are supported. This works in conjunction with gpi_supported_input_types by overriding specific field types.

Pass true for a field type to allow all input types for the field. Pass an empty array to disable a field type even if its input types are supported.


add_filter( 'gpi_supported_field_types', 'my_custom_function' );


  • field_types array

    The field types and the supported input types for the fields. Default: array( 'product' => true, 'quantity' => array() )


Add Number as a supported field type

 * Gravity Perks // Inventory // Add Number as a Supported Field Type
add_filter( 'gpi_supported_field_types', function( $field_types ) {
	// Update "number" to desired field type.
	$field_types['number'] = true;

	return $field_types;
} );


This filter is available since Gravity Forms Inventory 1.0-beta-1.0.