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Filter whether Limit Submissions should be enforced on render.

By default, only field-based rules are exempted from being enforced on render as the user may change the value before submitting the form; however, fields that are hidden are enforced on render.


Apply to all forms.

add_filter( 'gpls_should_enforce_on_render', '__return_true' );

Apply to a specific form.

add_filter( 'gpls_should_enforce_on_render_FORMID', '__return_true' );


  • should_enforce bool

    Should Limit Submissions be enforced on render?

  • form array

    The meta for the form being rendered.

  • field_values array

    An array of dynamic population field values used to populate the form.

  • gpls_enforce \GPLS_Enforce

    The current instance of the GPLS_Enforce class.


This filter is available since Gravity Forms Limit Submissions 1.1.5.