gpnf_fetch_form_html_after_add_or_edit (JS)

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Filter to determine if the child form HTML should be refreshed after adding or editing entries.

Return “false” here to disable refreshing child form HTML via AJAX after new entries are added or edited.


gform.addFilter( 'gpnf_fetch_form_html_after_add_or_edit', 'my_custom_func' );


  • refreshMarkup bool

    Whether or not to refresh HTML after adding entries.

  • formId int

    The parent form ID.

  • fieldId int

    The field ID of the Nested Form field.

  • gpnf \GPNestedForms

    Current instance of the GPNestedForms object.

  • args object

    The details of the request to add/edit the current entry.


This filter is available since Gravity Forms Nested Forms 1.0.15.