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Filter the arguments used when querying an Object Type for objects.


add_filter( 'gppa_field_objects_query_args', 'my_custom_function' );


  • args array

    • filter_groups array

      Filters for querying/fetching the objects.

    • ordering array

      Ordering settings for querying/fetching (includes ‘orderby’ and ‘order’).

    • templates array

      Templates to determine how choices/values will utilize the returned objects.

    • primary_property_value mixed

      Current primary property value used for querying the objects. (Not all object types use primary properties.)

    • field_values string

      Current field values used in query.

    • field object

      Current field.

    • unique bool

      Return only unique results.

  • object_type string

    The current object type (e.g. ‘gf_entry’).

  • object_type_instance string

    The current object type instance.


This filter is available since Gravity Forms Populate Anything 1.2.14.