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Filter a field’s filter groups immediately after a filter has been processed.

This is advantageous over gppa_object_type_query as this filter is ran while in the loop which gives you the ability to easily modify the last change to the processed filter groups depending on a specific filter or property.


Filter filter groups for all object types.

add_filter( 'gppa_object_type_filter_after_processing', 'my_custom_function' );

Filter filter groups for a specific object type.

add_filter( 'gppa_object_type_filter_after_processing_OBJECTTYPE', 'my_custom_function' );


  • processed_filter_groups array

    The processed filter groups for the current query.

  • args array

    • filter_value mixed

      Filter’s value.

    • filter array

      Filter being processed.

    • field \GF_Field

      Field being dynamically populated.

    • filter_group array

      Filter group being processed.

    • filter_group_index int

      Filter group’s index.

    • primary_property_value mixed

      Value of the primary property for the object type if needed. (e.g. form ID if GF Entries Object Type)

    • property array

      Property being filtered by.

    • property_id string

      ID of property that is being filtered by.


This filter is available since Gravity Forms Populate Anything 1.2.20.